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Huge Update On Meszaros

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Well by now anyone that cares about the sitiuation has heard what transpired at the brief media meeting with Murray at the Bell Sensplex today. If not heres the link to tsn


After recieving a phone call about the meeting, I raced down to catch the back half of what was a brief conference.

Rumors are flying around right now that Meszy has signed an offer sheet worth over 5 mil a season. After speaking with 2 memebers of the Sens organization (one being my blueline connection) the other a memeber of the Training Staff. Both have followed suit with Murray stating nothing has been signed yet. YET is the key word, the is an offer on the table and the feeling is Meszy is waiting for one more offer from Murray (The one I mentioned a few days ago) before signing the offer sheet.

The general feeling is Meszy wants to stay with Sens but only under his terms.

Now rumors as to which club has tabled the offer are going to run wild till its made offical and Daniel Tolensky has a nice breakdown of the possible teams tabling the offer.


The main wildcard here is how much the offer actually is..... the general feeling is its 5 mil exactly per season meaning the Sens would recieve a 1st, 2nd and 3rd round draft pick

According to the my guys, both believe Columbus is the culprit. While its nothing concrete it gives a little more to look at. The Trainer also said he doesn't see Meszy excepting an offer sheet from a team that is way out of Playoff contention, and saying Phoenix and Carolina have at the very least inquired about Meszy or have already tabled an offer.

Hopefully Eric Smith will have more on the Columbus' end about this. Hopefully Ek might get a phone call, and if were really really lucky maybe Kevin Lee will do his job and cover our team.
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