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As pre-season approaches we as hockey fans are faced with another aging vet, deciding IF he's gonna play another season and if so at what point of the season he is going to start again.

The ugly truth seems to be that Sundin is going to follow Scotty Nieds. and Teemu's path and delay the start of "thier" season till they decide. All summer J.P. Barry has given us "deadlines" Sundin has set for himself, that have all come and gone. Sundin was supposted have made up his mind if he was going to play or not by now. Sundin reportly hasn't even resumed skating yet, which leads ,hopefully more people than just, me to believe he isn't aiming for a full 82-game season.

Now we can spend all day arguing with each other about whether or not Sundin deserves the right to string along all these teams and only play a 25-40 games season, and whether or not Scott and Teemu deserved the right to wait out half the season. The one thing I'll say is Selanne and Nieds just won the stanely cup and went throught an extra long season and were legitly burned out. While I don't think they should have been able to wait till December and Febuary to return to playing, exspecially Nieds, their desire for extra-time off came with reasoning. Now Scotty is playing out his contract before likely retiring and Selanne is looking to finish out his career this season.

Sundin has finished a season where he lead a terrible team in scoring, putting up fairly good numbers considering. He has never won a stanely cup, and has played 13 seasons for the Leafs. I don't believe for a second he'd rather retire than suit up for another team. And if for some bizzare reason Sundin is that short-sighted that he won't play anywhere else than for the leafs than sign back with them and help the "Biggest and Best" NHL Franchise and "Self proclaimed center of the hockey universe" The Toronto Maple Leafs achieve nothing this season. (More on these claims in my next blog)

Steve Yzerman said it best when he said "If your not sure about retiring, then don't"

Sakic just resigned because he wasn't sure he. Selanne wants to resign because he's unsure and now awaits for the cap-space to open up on Anahiem. Brendan Shanahan wants to return and is literally awaiting Sundin to sign so someone will sign him. Peter Forsberg is literally fighting tooth-n-nail to make an NHL return.

Meanwhile Mats Sundin is golfing in Sweden unsure if he wants to make 10 mil for a full season or 5-7 for half a season. I'm really dumbfounded by the amount of respect Sundin still garners and the amount of people still defending him claiming he earned the right to decide when/where he wants play.

Players like Forsberg, Yzerman, Brett Hull and so many more that were forced out of the NHL by injuries or being unable to keep up with the new NHL would give anything to beable to keep playing at the level Sundin is capable of.

Every GM involved along with J.P. Barry keep saying they aren't pressuring Sundin to decide, but at this point in time they all should be pouring on the pressure.

Sundin its time to poop or get off the pot.


And for any Sens fans wondering thier is nothing new on the Meszaros front.

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