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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
Bridgeport, CT • United States • 41 Years Old • Male
I'm a Bruins fan who is longing for some bonafide scoring help upfront and I'm postive I'm not alone. While they have talent upfront and one of my favorite players ever in Marc Savard, most nights the Bruins just lack that game changer with the killer instinct to ice games away. In this current climate of the 30 team playoff race, two points are crucial...especially when most wins only gain you a point against your opponents in the standings!

To land Marian Hossa before the deadline would be just what the doctor ordered. He's still young (29), consistant, durable and has that aforementioned killer instinct around the net. Not to mention he has a great past with three of the Bruins francise cornerstones. In Ottawa with Chara and Chairelli and we all know what he did with Marc Savard in Atlanta; lastly his number 18 is available so it makes sense right? Well the only thing in this equation is the rumor that it would be at the expense of one Phil Kessel and then some. I think it would be a huge mistake to give up Kessel. Sure he has underacheived somewhat, but it's tough enough for a high pick to make it to the NHL without pressure and expectations, let alone making the team in first year and having to deal with Testicular cancer!!!

The way Phil bounced back and played just 5 weeks later is a testiment to his character and desire to play this game. His speed and skills are his obvious attributes, but last year showed me a ton about the type of player he can be. Also Kessel's success in the shootout is a tremendous asset, the stats dont show this but how many game winners has Kessel had in his two seasons? When the pressure is on Kessel can deliver. He has had two coaches in his first two seasons and is adjusting nicely to Coach Julien's requests to being more responsible in his own end. I've watched Phil dogged determination to get back down to the defensive end after his foiled rushes and he's put great pressure on the other teams defense, something the B's need more of everynight from their forwards. If Phil has to go to get Hossa, then so be it.
I realize you have to give something to get something. But imagine the top two lines with Bergeron back, Kessel and a Hossa??? I'm salavating just thinking of it...so my advise to Peter Chiarelli...find a way to make this deal without it involving Kessel!!!
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