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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
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First the week started out with the passing our beloved Fred Cusick and now the Kessel trade is official. I know exactly how I feel about the former...A legend, a pioneer a one of a kind voice and a special human being. The kind you would love to have as a Father if you didn't have one that is!

The latter...the jury is still out to lunch and probably will be for the next five years!!! While Kessel is racking up goals in Toronto the Bruins will be hoping they didn't draft three Dave Pasin's!!! I hope they find another "phil-in" for Phil I really do. I would love nothing more than for this to be another Wesley deal. But it won't be because Phil is too talented. The sky is the limit here, I truly believe that.

I give Peter Chiarelli credit because like Phil...he held out and got what he wanted. If he panicked back in late June...we would've given up Phil and the opportunity to draft Jordan Caron. In stead Chiarelli stayed patient and didn't give up his first rounder but got two back, plus a second. Nice work indeed on his part...

But and this is a major but...unless PC parlays one of those picks into another acquisition, this deal lays solely on the laps of the Bruins scouting brass. They will be the barometer of how successful this trade is.
The clock is ticking...make these picks count and then and only then can we measure this deal!!!
September 18, 2009 11:02 PM ET | Delete
FYI, it doesn't require a genius scout to pick first rounders
September 18, 2009 11:43 PM ET | Delete
And it's the leafs first rounders too. So a top 10 pick is not out of the question. With any luck a lottery pick or two. Not likley but possible.
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