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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
Bridgeport, CT • United States • 41 Years Old • Male
On the Bruins depth chart it's no surprise that David Krecji is listed behind Marc Savard. I mean make no mistake it's not fair to compare the them to each other as Savvy has been doing this a lot longer. But I can see why people would say that "Kraytch" and Savvy are really centermen 1 and 1A on this team. You can compare Krecji's skill set to many players past and present, as we've heard them all since this kid was drafted. His tremendous vision, the ability to hang onto the puck never panicking and turning it over. His deceptive shot, unbelievable passing skills all the while never abandoning his own end. All these attributes are impressive and make his deal of 11.25 Million for three years a steal!

But what people miss with this story is what Krecji said to his agent (who felt that he could get plenty more via an offer sheet if he just shows some of that great patience off ice as he does on it). Krecji stated to him that it's not about the money, its about staying in Boston with his teammates and finishing the job that they all started here...and that's winning the cup. See all these attributes I've listed and two of the most important ones I glossed over to get to this point. David Krecji is a winner who hates losing. I know I know this is an oft used Cliche but for someone to still be ranting over losing in the second round and how much it hurt in the midst of a huge pay day for him, to me says a lot about this kid. He mentioned the pain that he and his teammates felt and that they can't wait to get back at it and give it another shot. A shot that he doesn't want to take anywhere else in the NHL. He wants to do it here in Boston with this core group of guys that are extremely close in the locker room.

Wait, cause here's the kicker...the thing that most professional athletes need to keep in perspective when their money hungry agents(most of whom could care less about what they do to professional sports!) are whispering in their ears about paydays. Krecji said that 3.75 million a season is more money than he'd ever thought he would see in his lifetime and he was fine with that!!!

Go figure...a professional athlete who doesn't leave a team or desire to leave a team because he dreams of a gigantic pay day with bonuses that he could live off for the rest of his life...let alone the base salary!

I raise my glass to you David Krecji, you my friend are a class act on and off the ice and professional sports can use more like you.
I'm sure glad that he'll be wearing the spoked B for the next three seasons!!!
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