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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
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As I write this, one thing is definite for me in my world right now. My wife and I are having a baby Girl by Tuesday night. Couple that and taxes and I have a sure bet trifecta brewing here, other than that I can painfully state the obvious to those hockey lovers out there, particularly those whose teams are pinned against the cap.
It's far more difficult now for the GM's than ever before to make a deal that allows them precious cap space to hire the few remaining free agents out there that will help push them into cup contenders.
I think Mats Sundin may have some company come February in the agent market. Things are looking tough and I have to say it's about time. Because since the post lockout cap era I can't tell you how many times I've said...it sure doesn't look like a cap.
We've seen 15 year deals, 12 year deals, deals for almost 8 million a season and plenty of overpaying driving the market up again...but like real estate, everything regulates itself in the long run and things are coming back down to earth in the NHL too.

I know the Bruins team on paper today is not the one I'm going to see on October 1st!!! There's that painfully stating the obvious tie in, sure anyone can say that, but what few can say is exactly what changes are going to take place between now and then. Speculators say that Kessel is a goner, a move that I think would make the Sporting News ask for their executive of the year trophy from Mr. Chiarelli, but hey that's just my .01 ( I'm pressed up against my cap too and times are tough, I can't afford the .02 for the foreseeable future!!!)
There are some scenarios I can see take place before someone runs Kessel out of town. Hunwick's arbitration hearing will take a Dmitri Kristich path and the Bruins walk away from his award declaring him a FREE AGENT...NOT!!!
I think it's still a possibility to that Hunwicks award could be very favorable, eating up a majority of the 2+ million wiggle room against the cap. That could force Chiarelli's hand to move him, but I doubt it, what Hunwick brings to the table costs a lot more on the open market to replace. Not to mention the Bruins have some holes to fill on the Blueline with the departures of Hnidy and Montador, coupled with the hobbling of Ward and Ference.
I could see some mid-tier forward movement happening. Sturm back to SJ? Kobasew possibly on the move to a Thrasher team or even Columbus. I love what Chuck brings to the table every night, but his injuries have me concerned that his body is showing signs of not being able to handle the energy and physical portion of his game. Take that away and what has he got? Not to mention his deal is up after next season anyway, so try to get something for him now while he appears to be healthy!!!
Patrice Patrice Patrice...I still love you pal as I'm sure a 29 other teams in the league do...that contract though is tough right now to swallow. It's a tough call as he showed some signs of the two way game pre concussion before the seasons end. Do you give him to the trade deadline? What will his worth be then if he has another 8 goal campaign at that point? It's a tough one because he is still so young and has gone through so much, but I'm sure these are some of the rumors that Chiarelli is unwilling to discuss.

One thing for sure is, GM's are definitely earning their bacon in this salary cap climate!
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great post. Keep them coming
July 26, 2009 2:42 PM ET | Delete
Very good read...as a NYR fan, I was looking around at teams and thinking along the same lines. "A Few Good Men" are out there, but GM's are so bound up that they cant make a move. Especially the Bruins! They have good depth a center position which leads me to believe that one will be out, possibly even Kobasew ,in order to sign Kessel. Without those moves Kessel is a goner and their still over the cap. Something has got to give.
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on the lighter side....out of curiousity, how would you feel about a Zherdev/Voros/ a Prospect and a Draft Pick for Savard or Bergeron and Kobasew...this allows Boston to resign and keep Kessel, get scoring in return and have a high draft pick along with probably one of our Def Prospects.
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