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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
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What the Bruins need...

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It's that time of the year...well it's actually not but you know what? If deemed this stretch for the Bruins as the trade deadline part one. With the Bruins recently play it should be renamed to make a trade or flat line!!!

Seriously though as the rumors swirl to a frenzy leading up to the Olympic break and trade freeze the Bruins are mired in a six game losing streak and have closed the month of January out with no home wins (Does the Winter Classic count???!!!), two wins overall and points in just five games (2-0-3) during that stretch. Seven measly points in the month of January. Not going to cut it and it gives new meaning to a cold spell indeed.

So you may ask yourself just what do the Bruins do to dig themselves out of their doldrums and fading playoff hopes? Do they make massive housecleaning changes? After all the core of this team is the core that lead them to a 116pts last season!
Do they use some of the stockpile of draft picks to acquire a player or two for the stretch without depleting the current roster?
Do they stand pat and hope for the best and possibly end up with two picks in the top 10 of the draft (Toronto and theirs)?

I will say this...a lot of what Brian Burke did today was to try and save face with that pick's position that Boston owns. Could you imagine the fans and media in Toronto if Brian did nothing and let the Maple Leafs sink to the bottom of the standings while Boston owns their 1st pick this year and next? The way Kessel has played and the team as a whole, that trade is looking like Peter Chiarelli may have stole one here and Burke knows it. Which is why he acted sooner than wait till the March deadline.

Should Chiarelli do the same thing here? I feel if they can, they need to seriously take a swing at Kovulchuk. It's been a long time since the Bruins had an offensive star like that. Not to mention his reunion with Savard. But I'm not sure Boston want's to let Toronto's pick go in that deal or Krecji and/or Lucic! So for what then? The rights to Boston's pick and say Zach Hamill or Joe Colburne? I think it will still take more than that! Blake Wheeler? Are you ready to give up on him? He's still 24 and although he's struggled this season so have most Bruins. But Wheeler is only in his second season. Some of the vets haven't picked up the slack either. Ryder is the main culprit upfront. Sturm gets a pass due to injuries...but the two of these guys were expected to make up the loss of Kessels 36 goals and it hasn't happened!!!

I can't predict trades...nor can anyone here at hockeybuzz. But I will say trade or no trade there's several things the Bruins can use and most of them are already here!!!

1. Health: How many games this season have we seen the full compliment of the top six forwards? There are only so many power plays with Steve Begin on the wing that a club can endure! If the B's can stay healthy down the stretch that could go a long long way.

2. Chara and Thomas: These two must return to Vezina and Norris form respectively! Thomas has been flopping around more than the first 10 years of his hockey career and his temper has gotten the best of him on several occasions. Grow up and play like the calm cool and collected netminder you're supposed to be!!!

Chara on most nights has looked lost. His physical play is ill timed...as a matter of fact most of his timing has been off all year. Most of his shots from the point have looked like a composite stick promotional nightmare video! Way off net...shots with no purpose, fans,whiffs whatever you want to call them. It's hard to believe right now that this guy scored 19 goals last season!!!

3. Speed in transition: This is where the team sorely misses Phil Kessel! The transition game out of their end, where they caught so many teams on so many nights last year flat footed is nearly non existent. They dump the puck out of the zone and meander around the neutral zone in what looks like a game of keep away!

4. Dennis Wideman of last season where are you? You look like a smaller Chara out there! Derek Morris you haven't been the stabilizing force to either the defensive or the PP.

I could go on and on, but I think you get point here...before or after any roster changes are made, there are some key components that the potential success of this Bruins team that must play better!!!

That's all folks...for now!
January 31, 2010 10:01 PM ET | Delete
Boston needs goals. Ryder is brutal. Would Boston fans be ok trading Rask, TOR 1st, Ryder, Colborne for Kovalchuk locked up long term?
January 31, 2010 10:19 PM ET | Delete
Good trade goleafsgo except how do you fit 11 million more into Boston line up? I'm pretty sure they don't have 11 million in cap space now do they?
February 1, 2010 9:44 PM ET | Delete
I think most Boston fans would scoff at the idea of trading rask or that pick.. Honestly I'd rather see Rask starting than Thomas at this point.
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