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Not a Time For Revenge

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Apparently, some people (Garth) didn’t get it when I wrote my blog yesterday looking forward to the Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins game tomorrow night. Let me try, one more time.

First off, I see that Garth feels the Sabres should “run Seguin or Bergeron”. Then, he writes in that Shanahan, “God” of NHL discipline, will be watching the game very carefully. To be fair, written a few hours apart.

I’m going to say this one more time.

The time for Buffalo to even the score for Lucic’s hit on Ryan Miller has come, and gone.

Buffalo should have struck back immediately after Lucic hit Miller. No questions asked. However, they didn’t. Ok Buffalo? They didn’t, they failed in this regard. Now, as a diehard fan, I’d love to see the Sabres strike back tomorrow. I really would. Deep down, I’d love to see Buffalo cream Lucic tomorrow. ONLY Lucic. As a fan of hockey, the time for this is gone. I accept that, and I’m comfortable with the fact that it shouldn’t happen. There’s a time and a place for that sort of thing in hockey. It was when Lucic hit Miller, ONLY when Lucic hit Miller. I’m fine with this, and I would much rather see Buffalo get 2 points, and a big win over Boston.

Now, come to the issue of Garth stating that Buffalo should “run Seguin or Bergeron”. Absolutely NOT. Let me ask you this Garth, who from Buffalo do you want to see suspended? Shanahan will be watching, and the second that someone puts 1 skate blade out of place in a malicious manner, suspensions will be handed out. Buffalo should play aggressive in their own end. Any Boston forward who comes in should be played aggressively. However, in a clean fashion. Defend your end, don’t be afraid to check someone, but again, clean hits only.

Also, IF someone takes a shot at anyone from Boston, star or not, doesn’t matter, that individual will be suspended without hesitation. You said it yourself Garth, Shanahan is going to be watching this game very carefully. This is not the time for revenge. Get that through your head. Buffalo should have struck back at the time of the hit. Not tomorrow night.

To take something from Ty Anderson, the Bruin’s blogger, he reiterated my point from the last blog I wrote. The best revenge that Buffalo can extract on Boston, is to end their 9 game winning streak, and finally get a home win.

If Buffalo is to do that, Buffalo has to play solid defense, and defend their end as if their lives depended on it. Plus, Buffalo needs to have quick and efficient break outs from their own end. If Buffalo wants to win, they need to put aside any thoughts of revenge, and focus on getting 2 points.

Taking Garth’s revenge approach, will get Sabres suspended, and cause another home loss in Buffalo.
November 23, 2011 8:32 AM ET | Delete
We have nobody that can take "revenge" that time is over.
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