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Happy 4th of July everyone. I’ve been waiting and stalling on writing this in hopes that there’d be more to look at. However, I’m going to play the card that’s been dealt to myself, and the fans of Buffalo.

First, let’s look at the signings for Buffalo to this point. John Scott, 6’8”, 270. Perhaps he can play defensive line for the Bills as well. There is one purpose to signing Scott in Buffalo, intimidation. I don’t think many players will want to dance with Scott let alone be hit by him. Scott won’t be logging a lot of ice time in Buffalo, but expect him in a lot of games against Eastern Conference opponents. If anyone decides to try and shake up some of Buffalo’s… softer players, Scott will more than likely step up to the plate when called upon. Scott is the new fighter for the Sabres.

July 4, 2012 1:28 PM ET | Delete
Man u gotta give guys like Ennis and Hodgson time to develop, thought Ennis was great was he got through the ankle injury don't think dealing a center for a winger is a good idea. Take out Ennis or coho and your centers are ott and McCormick plus whoever u didn't deal. Unless grigorenko is NHL ready I don't see either of those guys getting dealt, gotta be patient.
July 4, 2012 1:43 PM ET | Delete
Ennis is going anywhere, with the glut of defense we have, darcy has to lose some of them, more moves to come
July 4, 2012 2:18 PM ET | Delete
Ennis is going to be our next Briere. He stays.
July 4, 2012 2:24 PM ET | Delete
I'm not saying that I want Ennis, but if Buffalo had the opportunity to land someone who has showed what they can do each year, I say make the deal. I personally would rather see Ennis stay, and Hodgson dealt if it came to that though. I have high hopes for the Stafford, Ennis, Foligno line this year.
July 4, 2012 4:07 PM ET | Delete
Magnus Pajaarvi, Shawn Horcoff and Colten Teubert, for Jordan Leopold, Brayden McNabb, and Mark Psysyk
July 5, 2012 5:52 AM ET | Delete
That is a terrible trade offer....back to Xbox with you.
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