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Matt Ellis

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As I looked at NHL.com to check the free agent tracker, and with anticipation, saw that Buffalo had made a move. Then I saw, that it was Matt Ellis who had returned to Buffalo for another season.

I was impressed with Ellis last season. When he was on the ice, he gave 110%. He may not score a ton of goals, but no one can argue the effort he puts forth on the ice. Ellis is a good member on this team, and has a lot to offer. If he plays every game, instead of just 45, he has the potential to get around 15 goals, maybe a total of 35 points this coming season. He also has a solid forecheck that can help win a lot of battles in the offensive zone. Ellis has a lot to offer the Buffalo Sabres

It's smart to sign him to a one year deal. Ellis has yet to play the full 82 games in a regular season. It'd be pointless to bring him in for a multi-year contract if he can't go an entire season without getting hurt. Also, it's not known what his numbers are going to be for the 09-10 season. There's also trade potential at the deadline next year if he doesn't deliver.

At least Buffalo fans have the comfort of knowing that general management is still working. How hard, one cannot say. If the priority for the last week has been signing Ellis to a one year contract, Buffalo's definitely got to figure out how else to go about free agency. The only thing that is missing, is the press conference from Darcy Regier saying "Hey, we did something!" However, after all the signings and activity that has been shown by general management in Buffalo the past week, I wouldn't want to bring too much attention to it either. Sabres fans should be glad though, that Ellis is back for another season in blue and gold.
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