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So I got married 18 days ago, and ventured off on my honeymoon. I left knowing that the risk of a lockout was coming up. For 10 days, I didn’t look for much information, mainly due to the fact that I was sitting in the middle of the Caribbean without cell phone signal. Plus, I didn’t want to pay the money for wi-fi on the boat. When I got back to Fort Lauderdale, and had a moment to relax after Delta straightened out our flight home, I got to check my phone and saw that the lockout was a sure thing. Profanity flew out of my mouth quickly, and my wife calmed me down.

The first thing that popped into my mind was an old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. Calvin is in his backyard throwing a baseball in the air, and getting ready to hit it. After a mighty swing, Calvin misses the ball as it hits the ground in front of him. Calvin walks dejectedly back to his house. He promptly asks his dad; “Can you make a living playing silly games?” His dad responds; “Actually, you can be among the most overpaid people on the planet”. The final panel shows Calvin throwing the ball in the air, getting ready to take another swing.

How does this relate to hockey? Simple, aren’t the parties involved making enough money as is? You’re being paid to play a game. You’re being paid to do what you supposedly, love to do! Yes it’s a business, yes we want it to be fair, but come on!! Think of what players made 30-40 years ago. Players had to have summer jobs to support their families until the next season started. Now, players can focus on the game year round, and get paid millions of dollars, to play a game!

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Congrats on the wedding.Go Sabres (eventually).
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Congrats on the wedding. Go Sabres (eventually).
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Thanks Joe!!
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