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As I sat down with anxiousness prior to the game, I hoped that USA would pull out an upset, much like they did 30 years ago against the Soviets. However, I did know that despite all the hype around Canada's team, I knew there was a weakness. An all-star roster, is just that.

I watched a GREAT game. I emphasis that despite the fact that I was pulling for the US. It was back and forth the entire game, and it was extremely face paced. It was a game for the ages. It was a classic hockey game. Both teams played their hearts out. However, there is one glaring difference between the US and Canada.

The US team is very young. Plus, they are a good fundamental team who proved tonight that they can change their game very well. The first two games against Norway and the Swiss, the US played very risky defensive hockey, giving up numerous odd man rushes. However, after Norway scored their shorthanded goal, USA changed their style of play. The US started having two D-men back and eliminated chances. The US also knows the value of taking shots and hoping for the best. The US scored two goals tonight by throwing the puck at Brodeur, that turned out to be deflections. Those two goals made one large difference in the game.

Canada did take plenty of shots tonight. However, when the opportunity presented itself on power plays, Canada continued to pass, and pass, and pass some more. Canada continued to look for an all star team, but was trying to "feather" in the perfect pass. Canada is simply a team that is relying heavily on individual talents. That also explains why Switzerland gave Cananda a run for their money. Canada needs to start playing as a team instead of individuals. If they don't, Canadians may be disappointed.

USA has a great opportunity and have pushed into becoming the front runner for the gold along with Russia and whoever wins tonight in the Finalnd vs Sweeden game. However, it is unsure what will happen. One thing is for sure though, the United States showed tonight, that the Canadians are far from invincible.
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THAT...was a great game to watch...usa filled with solid, two-way players lead by great leaders--langenbunner, drury, rafalski and, yes, even miller...have always been a big fan of drury, as many well know, and that was a huge loss in the leadership/character dept...cisco's right...on re-entry or buy-out, he'd be priced right for the sabres
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don't believe the hype...a huge victory that was blown waaaaaay outta proportion post-game...although this game had meaning to it because of the rivalry and because it determined seeding, it's only one game of the preliminary round-robin...the medal round is money-time...and the usa will have it's hands full
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in your face, canadian fans...your pompous, snarky attitude was shoved right back in your face...that being said, the canadians have a too much firepower to dismiss and have exceptional coaching ta boot...russia looks good, but they remind me of the caps last season--perimeter-play...no reason why the canadians could take 'em down
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and...finally...thanx to the blogger here..............keptup...homie..................SOLID!!!
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I thought Miller played awesome, won that game by himself, and your headline is a little premature, Failure happens when they lose the Gold not after the prelims. Road to gold is hard for Canada though, Germany will be tough defensivly, Russia is staked and Sweden is full of awesome players.
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