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Conditioned Sabres Fans

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Today, the Buffalo Sabres took a step towards the rebuild and hired the GM that Pat LaFontaine feels can lead the Sabres out of the darkness. Tim Murray has been brought in to assess talent and build the Stanley Cup champions that the Buffalo faithful deserve.

I was at work this morning when I received my notification stating that the press conference was scheduled for this morning. We all knew what was happening, but several individuals on Twitter starting making comments about how the announcement was to sign John Scott to a long term deal, or that Matt Ellis was going to be promoted, or that Stafford was going to be signed to a lifetime deal in Buffalo. Everyone had a great joke about what the Sabres were really doing, despite knowing that the Sabres were hiring Murray as the GM.

i still think that there’s a certain level of pessimism among Buffalo fans. The Sabres fans have had 16 years of disappointing announcements from Buffalo management. It is going to take a long time for fans to start buying into a new system. The fans want to believe that good will come out of it, but for so long, nothing good has come from it. This is the Darcy legacy ladies and gents.

So what comes next? I have no opinion of Tim Murray at this point in time. He hasn’t done anything for the Sabres. He can talk a great game as he did this morning in the press conference, but will it equate into action. I like the move of Craig Patrick. He has a proven history of making smart moves. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with the 1980 Men’s Ice Hockey Team.

Murray’s legacy will be determined as time goes on. He needs to demonstrate that he is capable of building a Stanley Cup team in Buffalo. He has a track record of assessing talent, but he doesn’t have that here. Murray’s approach was right when he identified that his newly inherited team is dead last in the NHL, nobody is safe.

I have said for several weeks that the new GM for the Sabres has the opportunity to grow the team. Murray and Patrick get to take a team that is at their rock bottom, and turn it around. However, as good as Murray and Patrick appear, they need to show that they’re worthy. I can’t pass judgement until Murray demonstrates that he can start to get this team out of the gutter that it’s been rotting in.

Long story short, Murray and Patrick have their work cut out for them. It is going to take a lot of hard work and smart moves to make the changes that needs to be made to make the Sabres competative. If Murray can do that, then the suffering can come to an end. However, I encourage all fans to keep this in mind over the upcoming months/years;

Be patient. Remember, he has to undo the initial damage he inherited first. Until then, he needs to remember that Sabres fans are used to bad news when a GM steps up to the podium.

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As always, thanks for reading!
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January 9, 2014 9:52 PM ET | Delete
I like the Patrick signing better than Murray. LaFontaine signing him was a nice surprise today.
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