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Another night of Sufferin’ with the Sabres is underway at First Niagara Center. We all knew that this season wasn’t going to be pretty, but we didn’t think that it was going to be this bad. I’m editing a quote from the movie “Moneyball” to sum up the Sabres season at this point;

“There are good teams, and there are bad teams. Then there’s 50 feet of crap, and then there’s us”

Every Buffalo fan wants to see the Sabres do well and win games. We have waited 43 years for a Stanley Cup, and our patience is wearing thin. Buffalo fans are starving for a team to rally around, and to have that so called “hero” for the team. I was in awe last year at how many Grigorenko jersey’s I saw at First Niagara Center. Fans are starved to have the Sabres really step up and become a competitive team.

However, what happens if the Sabres do to start to turn it around, even in the most minuscule fashion?

I’ve watched this time and time again, Buffalo starts to improve, and people start to think that they can win with the pieces that are already here. Then, nothing gets changed. I think everyone in Buffalo agrees that the Sabres need some serious changes. Look at this past season. Buffalo made a push for the playoffs, albeit a weak one, and in the offseason, almost nothing is done with the team. How often have I made the analogy that the Sabres offseason plans are the equivalent of covering a gushing bullet would with a band aid?

Things seem to have to get to crisis levels before any change is made in Hockey Heaven. Right now, this is as bad as I have ever seen the Buffalo Sabres. Things are progressively going downhill, and going downhill very quickly.

So I propose the following question...

When will YOU start rooting AGAINST the Sabres, in the interest of drastic changes being made?

I think everyone will agree that nothing is going to change in Buffalo until they hit their rock bottom. Personally think that we’re there now. But, every night, they prove me wrong, and sink just a little lower.

I find myself, as a fan, in a very difficult position. I’m sick of watching this team. It’s painful, depressing, aggravating, and every other negative emotion you can think of. I’m desperate to see a change with this team, that starts from the top. Buffalo needs a new architect for their “blueprint”, who will assess the entire team, and take it from there. Unfortunately, that change isn’t coming at this point in time.

I don’t expect a new general manager to start wheeling and dealing the minute that they walk through the door. I do expect them to look at the team as a whole and come up with a competent plan to rebuild this franchise and get it back on it’s feet. I stand by the fact that a rebuild will take time, and I am perfectly fine with that. However, the direction that Buffalo is headed in right now, this isn’t a rebuild, this is a a disaster. It feels like a disaster movie, you think that it can’t get any worse, but then somehow, it does.

Personally, as much as I want to see the Buffalo Sabres start winning games, a part of me wants to see them lose. Insane right? I don’t think so. If Buffalo keeps playing poorly, showing no improvement, and getting humiliated night in, night out, eventually Pegula is going to have to do something about it. Namely- fire Darcy. I want this change. Buffalo fans are hungry for this change. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Buffalo has gotten consistently worse since Pegula took over, and they appear content with these results

Which leads me to this conclusion;

Things will need to keep getting worse in Buffalo before changes are made. If Buffalo fans want these big changes, new GM, potentially new coach, new players, better blueprint; The Sabres will need to keep losing, and look horrid doing it. Only then, will Ted Black and Terry Pegula actually take the steps necessary to right this sinking ship.

I don’t like having to root against the Sabres. I want to see change now, and actually start to have some faith in the team again. At this point in time, I want to see someone new developing the so-called “blueprint” because the current blueprint is clearly not working. Once there’s a new architect, they assess everything else. With a new architect, no one should be safe, and then this rebuild can start correctly.

As I wrap this up, Buffalo is getting humiliated against the Colorado Avalanche, (4-1). One can’t even say that Buffalo is losing, but looking good doing it. It’s an abomination. At this point in time, I only see one way out of this;

Buffalo needs to lose, in order for change to take place.

Trust me, I don’t like it anymore than you.

Follow me on Twitter- @SabresBTB I live chat during the games and try to respond to everyone.

As always, thanks for reading!
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