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I’ve thought about this long and hard since I heard of the 2 trades that Buffalo has made. After some careful consideration, and looking at all of the stats, I’m not entirely sold on the deals that Buffalo has made. I’ll break it down to the two trades that were made today.

Gaustad to Nashville

We all accepted this. I’m actually shocked that the Sabres managed to get a 1st round draft pick for this. I think this is actually the highlight deal of the day. By making this move, Buffalo can build for the future. All I heard all day was how the price for Gaustad was too high, and that teams weren’t willing to pay it. Turns out Nashville could. However, what comes next is actually rather sad...

Kassian and Gragnani to Vancouver for Cody Hodgson and Sulzer

First, I’ve been screaming for Gragnani to be gone all year. Glad he’s out of here. In comes Sulzer, who doesn’t really have a lot of NHL time. He’s been passed around from Nashville to Florida to Vancouver, and now to us. Fan-freaking-tastic. He has yet to play a full season in the NHL. It seems to me that the return for Gragnani was Sulzer. I expect him to take up Gragnani’s nightly spot in the press box.

Then comes the brilliant Kassian trade. I’ve been a fan of Kassian for awhile, and have liked what he’s done in Buffalo. However, he hasn’t delivered, and he is a pretty strong prospect. I honestly think he’ll do pretty well in Vancouver.

What’s Buffalo gotten in return?

Hodgson is a good center when one looks at his stats (based on 1 season in the NHL). Also, look at the team around him. He’s playing with Ryan Kessler, the Sedins, and Alexandre Burrows. The Canucks are a strong offensive team. However, for being a 3rd line center, 16 goals isn’t too bad.

That’s not the problem. I actually like Hodgson’s stats, and I think he will help jump start some of the forwards.

Here’s my overall issue with these two deals.

Forget Gragnani, don’t really care that much about that one. Gaustad leaves, 6’5”, enforcer. Kassian leaves, 6’3”, another big body who is good and isn’t afraid to go hard into the corners.

In comes Hodgson, 6’0”. My concern is the size. Buffalo is the whipping boy in NHL. They are viewed as soft, a lot of teams seem to think that they can push the Sabres around in the physicality department, and we just traded away 2 of our big guns. If Buffalo was going to pull in a forward, I’d like to pull in someone who can at least be a little more aggressive. I don’t know about Hodgson’s game. I haven’t seen it. It doesn’t look like he takes a lot of penalties. However, Buffalo needs a little more size.

Again, I hope that I’m wrong. I really do. I hope Hodgson comes into Buffalo and tears it up. However, Buffalo is beginning to have no size up front on their top lines. If Buffalo is seriously trying to make a run, I’m worried about the playoffs. I think this move helps Buffalo on the offensive scale. I'm just not sold on him being a #1 center yet. Time will tell.

I don’t really know if they have the physical element to get too far once playoff hockey starts. 

All in all, Regier didn't do too badly today. I look forward to seeing what Hodgson can do for Buffalo against the Ducks Wednesday night.
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February 27, 2012 10:50 PM ET | Delete
I hate when ppl always rag on the sabres for being small how big were briere or drury how many fights did they have? The game we won against Boston 6-0 wasn't because 6'5" gaustad or kassian dropped the gloves had a big hit 5'8" patty kaleta won them that game not trying to crap on u or anything, but size isn't everything. I'll miss gaustad in the face off dot that's it we needed a center young good potential regier actually got won cant wait to see him with 26
February 27, 2012 11:57 PM ET | Delete
Don't forget Gaustad can always come back next year if he so chooses. Sulzer is pure depth and probably was like Kotalik coming back. Hodgson plays on the same team as a lot of great players, but not on the same line. And he fits a huge need. I'm not too worried about the toughness, neither Gaustad nor Kassian were as physical as they could've been.
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i think this trade worked out well for your team. gun to my head i say you won this deal.
February 28, 2012 11:38 AM ET | Delete
Like you, my jury is still out. I LOVED Kassian. He was my favorite player. I felt he offered a lot. I know he wasn't lighting up the score sheet, but he brought puck posesion and size to the big club. I think this summer we use our 1st pick(s) and Stafford to go get a guy like Parise, or Brown. Maybe even Stastny. I think Brown fits our need the most. He brings size, two-way play, and grit. With a good scoring touch. Would open up ice for Vanek and Pominville. Put CoHo on 2nd line.
February 29, 2012 11:21 AM ET | Delete
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