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Biggest Game of the Year

Posted 10:22 PM ET | Comments 2
No I’m not talking about tonights game. Another solid effort tonight from the Sabres. It’s good to see that they aren’t laying over and dying and are playing like they want to make it to the playoffs.

I’m glad that Hodgson is starting to find his way in Buffalo. 2 great goals from him tonight. Very impressive to see him starting to play to his potential. Miller has continued to play solid hockey and remains the anchor of this team. If Buffalo is going to make a playoff run, Miller needs to be exemplary on a nightly basis.

Let’s get to the playoff run, you all saw tonight’s game.

Most importantly, and this is what I love, is that Buffalo now controls their fate over Winnipeg. Winnipeg is now 4 points behind the Sabres with 1 game in hand. Winnipeg now needs some help from Buffalo if they are to catch them point wise. Plus, Winnipeg has their hands full over the next week with games against Washington, Nashville, Ottawa, and the Rangers. Hopefully this will allow Buffalo to put a little more distance between them and the Jets.

The playoff race is starting to become a Buffalo vs Washington battle. Washington has a tough schedule coming up as well and Buffalo has a great opportunity to be completely in control by next Tuesday. The Caps are playing Philly tomorrow, Winnipeg Friday, Minnesota Sunday, and then Buffalo heads down to our nation’s capital to take a crack at the Caps. I know we’ll all be rooting for Winnipeg on Friday.

This game against the Caps... is Buffalo’s biggest game of the year.

Buffalo has the potential to get some distance between them and the Capitals by this game. Yes, Buffalo needs some help, but the potential is there, and the Sabres need to cash it in. I stand by this comment, if Buffalo stay with the Caps point wise through the weekend, and can win in regulation against the Caps on March 27, Buffalo will probably make the playoffs. There’s no phoning in this game. Buffalo needs to head into Washington with an attitude on Tuesday. This is Buffalo’s game 7 for the season.

Remember, regardless of what is said on here, Buffalo is in 9th place. The Sabres are tied with the Capitals in points, but the Caps have the tie breaker. When Buffalo is honestly in 8th place, I’ll say that Buffalo is in 8th place.

Now, this is when I start to have conflicting feelings. As I was reading the message boards today, I saw a lot of people concerned as to what happens to Buffalo should they make the playoffs. Buffalo would probably get either the Rangers or the Penguins. I, personally, am tired of watching Buffalo make the playoffs just to get kicked out immediately, and looking like they don’t belong. It’s frustrating, and leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the fans until the new season starts.

However, I’d rather have Buffalo make the playoffs than miss them. Plus, I’m clinging to 1 fact this year as Buffalo approaches the end of the season. 2 years ago, Montreal and Philadelphia played for the Eastern Conference title. They were the 8th and 7th seeds respectively. Come April, anything can happen. Buffalo may turn some heads and pull off an upset. Plus, Buffalo has competed fairly well against good teams down the stretch. You never know what will happen once the playoffs start.

I still stand by the fact that even if Buffalo makes the playoffs, it’s not good enough. Buffalo has been eliminated in the first round the past 2 years. Time to advance, should they make it this year.

Buffalo’s season culminates on March 27th. Hopefully they make the most of it. If Buffalo can keep winning, stick with the Capitals, and win on the 27th, Buffalo will be in control of their fate.
March 21, 2012 10:27 PM ET | Delete
The biggest reason to see Buffalo in the playoffs is to watch a guy like Regehr at work in the playoffs, crushing guys.
March 22, 2012 11:08 PM ET | Delete
I am glad to see the young kids stepping up and battling. Here's hoping to Ruff not taking the creativity out of these players. Love the Foligono, Ennis, and Stafford line. Stafford is showing a new will to fight. Hope they keep it up. Love seeing the jump back in Buffalo.
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