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How would you feel, if someone came up to you, and said how happy they were that your favorite player was hurt? Probably, not too good. After reading Garth’s latest, I couldn’t ignore this. This happens to be an issue that I feel very strongly about.

“The Sabres just got a shot of positive news as their trek to grab the eighth and final playoff spot rages on. In Monday night’s 5-0 shellacking at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes, rock star Alex Ovechkin suffered a lower body injury when he was pasted to the wall by a heavy, clean body check by Hurricane’s Tlusty.”.

NO ONE should take joy when someone gets hurt. Regardless of a playoff race or not. Injuries are part of the game, but try not to present as being happy about it. If Buffalo’s going to make the playoffs, I’d like them to earn it, not because someone on another team got hurt. What Garth said is offensive and a disgrace. It’s sad that he could even think that someone getting hurt is positive news. I may not like Ovechkin, but I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

There is a reason why fans always applaud when an injured player gets up off the ice and is able to skate off. It is a sign of respect. No one wants to see someone get hurt in any sport. People don’t stand there and start cheering, “YES, he’s hurt! Maybe we’ll win now!!!” The fans applaud, hoping that that individual is ok. I can’t speak for anyone else, but whenever an injured player is able to leave the ice and someone gets hurt, I always stand and applaud, no matter who it is.

It’s the right and respectful thing to do.

Again, I wish Ovechkin, and all injured players in the NHL, speedy recoveries. No one likes watching other players get hurt.
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February 23, 2012 8:45 AM ET | Delete
Gotta stop with the Garth hate fest stick to what u do best blogging on real sabres news
February 23, 2012 9:08 AM ET | Delete
I agree, your blogs are usually pretty well written and informative. But they never fail to mention something in Garth's blogs. Face it, the guy's not going anywhere. You don't have to like his opinions, nor should you take them so seriously. Move on.
February 23, 2012 9:11 AM ET | Delete
Not to mention, I don't think he was really excited that OV is in pretty severe pain, rather that a team that we're trying to catch is without one of the major pieces that makes them a challenge to beat in the game/standings. If anything you should be upset that he's glad that our playoff race got a bit earlier, when we should be floundering for a top draft pick and improving the garbage product on the ice.
February 23, 2012 9:12 AM ET | Delete
*easier, not earlier.
February 23, 2012 10:00 AM ET | Delete
I'm writing based on what he said. I have been trying to cut down on the Garth comments. However, this one, the way he presented is offensive. When one says it's "positive news" that someone is hurt, that's the problem. I feel pretty strongly on this one. Otherwise, I wouldn't have written this. Thanks for the feedback guys.
February 23, 2012 10:30 AM ET | Delete
Opinions are what make these blogs interesting. That's why Kevin's blogs get so few hits. They're adequately factual, mostly unbiased, and usually very boring. Again, Garth isn't going anywhere, he's only sharing HIS opinion, and your blogs are usually more interesting and well written than both of theirs. As a reader, it comes across as really childish to even care what he said, let alone form a rebuttal. The quick hits blog you just posted was great. That is the kind of writing you should stick to.
February 23, 2012 10:32 AM ET | Delete
hes not happy that a man is hurt or in pain- he is happy that the path to the playoffs just got a bit easier. pretty nit-picky. there are soooo many thing to gripe about- both garth and sabres related. this one is pointless. we all know what garth means and weve all been happy at one point or another when our team faced a weakened foe (imagine the bills had a playoff game against the pats and brady couldnt play...)
February 23, 2012 11:06 AM ET | Delete
If you don't like Garth, just tell him and move on, really tired of your Garth bashing ....these are blogs.. talk hockey..real hockey issues.
February 23, 2012 1:28 PM ET | Delete
Yeah, tired of the Garth bashing too. It makes your blog look bad -- it is fundamentally reactive. It's like you can't come up with anything to talk about, so you talk about what other people are talking about. Zzzzz
February 23, 2012 1:59 PM ET | Delete
I wrote this blog because its an issue I feel strongly about. Had another Blogger written what Garth did, I would respond in the same manner. I am trying to leave out the "bashing" because you guys are right on that... Again, I wrote this because I feel very strongly on this topic. Playoff debate blog coming tonight.
February 23, 2012 2:20 PM ET | Delete
"NO ONE should take joy when someone gets hurt".Unless of course that player is Sean Avery! Kidding.
February 23, 2012 5:09 PM ET | Delete
Say what you will; a star player getting hurt on a team that's only four points ahead of us is positive news for US. It means that the team will probably have a harder time winning. Everything's relative. Garth wasn't celebrating the fact just observing.
February 23, 2012 7:19 PM ET | Delete
Really? This has nothing to do with Garth? Ok, I will suspend disbelief and comment on the premise of the post. The news was positive in reference to the Sabres chances to make the playoffs. 'The Sabres just got a shot of positive news as their trek to grab the eighth and final playoff spot rages on" That sentence prefaced his comment to assure it was not celebrating the fact a player got injured. He did not say, "hey great news AO got hurt, yessss".
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