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"Off The Post: Inching Closer to the Future"
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To Trade or Not to Trade

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Currently the New York Islander's sit in the 13th slot of the Eastern Conference. Fortunately for them, they are only five points out considering how deep they are in the standings..but this only adds to the frustration and confusion of what the Islander's should do.

If you ask me...(and I know that no one has so far, but I'm going to give my two cents anyway), the Islander's should look towards the future. We all remember the Ryan Smyth trade that occured just about a year ago. I, for one, was incredibly excited and thought this could lead to something great..but then I caught myself and said, "only if we re-sign him." And we all know how that one ended! The Isles out in five games to the President's Trophy winning Sabres and Smyth signing a long, lucrative contract with the Colorado Avelance, leaving us only with Kleenex's and bad memories.

So far that trade hasn't come back to haunt us, but it wouldn't be the first that would...I can waste my time and mention all the NHL All-stars that were drafted by this franchise or at least once wore the Blue, Orange, and White at some point in their career..but I won't. (Only because I ran out of my own Kleenex's as well).

However, although the Ryan Smyth trade brought confidence, hope, and lots of excitement and attention to the Nassau Coliseum and its fans, at the end of the season it didn't mean squat. So if you ask me..I don't want to see a blockbuster deal that sends Hossa to the Islander's, or Marleau, or anyone that's gonna pack their bags and leave quicker than a NY minute. All that would mean is that our farm system would be depleted of its youth and we'd have nothing to hope for in the long run..plus most trades would probably require the dealing of Kyle Okposo, and I think the Islander's are firm on developing him into the all-star that stays.

So then with three weeks to go to the deadline, what should we do? Do we sit on our hands and see if the team in front of us can save this sinking ship of a season? Do they make that trade that I, and I'm sure others, don't want to see? Or do we become sellers and look to the future?

I'm voting on the latter of those proposals. With Tambellini running away with the AHL on his shoulders, with Walter and Nielsen close behind, and Comeau already displaying himself as the hardest-working Islander on this roster..I'd say we have alot more to look forward to tomorrow than today. Plus, the previously mentioned Kyle Okposo may be ready to make the next big jump of his career into the big leagues.

So then who do we try to sell? Satan probably has the most value despite a disappointing season, but this recent injury may keep here at least until the summer. Sillinger is hurt as well and can mean alot to a young playoff team. However he is way too valuable to this team even at his old age. Losing him would hurt this team no matter which way you look at it. Guerin is our captain, and trading our captain I think sends a message to the team that you don't want to be heard. Berard has been in and out of the lineup all season and may hold close to the same value as Satan, being a veteran d-man on the blueline. The same can be said for the canon that Bergeron carries in his hands..but his mental breakdowns in the defensive zone have made him a liability. Being that both of these dmen have had only temporary spots on this team anyway, I think we can part ways. The same goes for Fedotenko and Vasicek. Both of them have about one or two goals in almost 35 games. Think about that for a second....in almost half a season these two forwards haven't amassed anything more than one or two goals? I think that is also a sign that these guys can be sold as well.

Comrie is an interesting one. He's still only 27 and shows potential here and there, but his work ethic can be questioned. Maybe being a first-line center is something he isn't capable of doing..or maybe it's just too early for him to handle such a responsibility. Depending on the offers received for him, he's someone that might be worth keeping for another year. If it doesn't seem like he's interested in staying, then by all means we should move him.

But who am I to say? It's up to Snow, Nolan, and corp. I get the inkling that this recent injection of youth into the lineup, although is due to the recent injuries, is also due to the lack of scoring and success this team is having.

Most of my comments may seem a bit negative, but I say the negatives because this team has alot of positives on its way and I feel that they lie in our farm system.

They just need to be given a chance.
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