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"Off The Post: Inching Closer to the Future"
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The second I saw Doug Weight flex his knee and slam his stick on the ice in frustration I knew right away that Isles fans were going to be hit with bad news once again. All I hoped was that it wouldn't be for an extensive period of time...but then today at work I get a text message from a friend of mine who is constantly sharing the same woes as I do when it comes to this uphill battle of injuries.

"Weight out 6 to 8 sprained mcl"

I actually had to laugh at first. It really is absolutely ridiculous how this team seems to be hurt passed limits that seem impossible.

So here's a bit of an analysis of this injury, and no, I'm not looking at an x-ray or listening to the doc's advice.

Weight's injury can mean a few things. One being that despite possibly being done for the rest of the year, he may end up with a one-year contract extension. It depends on how Snow evaluates his play. Personally, I hope to see him back next year. He was a real leader on this team and wanted to stay here to help this team grow. It's also hard to ignore that for the first 30 games or so he was a point-per-game player, leading many to believe he would be playing at the all-star game and probably could have if he didn't hurt his foot.

With that being said...I was also one of the many fans who saw a valuable return if Weight was traded for all of the reasons stated above. This injury will pretty much eliminate any potential trade that was in the works. For all of you hungry, trade-deadline fans out there, the Isles still have some vets they may be able to sell by March 4th in Mike Comrie, Brendan Witt, and Bill Guerin. But as it seems now Weight won't be going anywhere.

Traded or not, I hoped that the two of them (assuming Guerin might go also) would be back in an Islanders uniform next year. Sure, neither one of them is the player they used to be, but they bring a lot to this team that cannot be seen on the score sheet. The rebuilding process isn't going to be finished by game 82 of the 2009 season; this team still has a lot of growing up to do, and Guerin and Weight were two of the best mentors out there to learn from.

It is very unfortunate to see Weight go through another injury this season, but hopefully he'll be back next year with the same crisp passes and leadership he brought to the ice every game.

-Rob McGowan
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The injuries have been insane.
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