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When I wrote my first blog for all the hockey fans watching their team on the golf course while other teams competed in the playoffs, I announced that the Washington Capitals were my choice to go as far as possible. Unfortunately that all came to an end two days ago and now I have to sit back in my chair and decide once again.

We're left with Detroit playing the Avs and San Jose playing the Stars in the West, with the Rangers playing Pittsburgh and the Canadiens playing the Flyers in the East.


Well I'll say this much. I do not want to see the Rangers or the Flyers make it to the Conference Finals. My disliking of the Rangers I think is obvious, but the Flyers haven't been a team in recent years that I've been fond of. The Canadiens, however, are exciting and a high flying team I wouldn't mind seeing in the Cup. If it came down to either Montreal or Pittsburgh, it would be a tough decision. Crosby playing for the greatest trophy in all of sports would be huge for the game and would sum up why rebuilding and drafting from within is the best way to go. At the same time the Cup returning to Canada would be great as well, let alone it would be to the New York Yankees of hockey that hasn't won a cup in over a decade. So basically I'll be satisfied with either the Canadiens or the Penguins making it to the cup finals, but I would probably prefer the Habs just a tad bit more.

In the West we have one of the classics...Detroit vs. The Avalanche. Wow. It's been a while since I've seen these two teams go at it, and the fact that the Avs have a very similar roster to that of the old with Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg back on the team, you know it HAS to be exciting. I am going to watch as much of this one as I can, and I'm pulling for the Avs.

San Jose vs. Dallas, two of the teams I really liked in the first round of the playoffs. I've always loved San Jose hockey and I'm going to be rooting for them to crush the Stars in the Conference Semi-finals. This team has been developing youth while being a contender almost every year. It's about time their fans and management got what they deserved; a run in the Cup finals and winning that trophy.

So there you go, I'm rooting for the Sharks to take the greatest prize in the end. Now that we're down to just 8 teams, who are you rooting for while your team is on the green?
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April 24, 2008 12:31 PM ET | Delete
Right there with ya! Go Sharks!!!!!!!! No crosby in the cup though please, I cant stomach as WayneZ put it so well the "Sid Suckfest"!
April 24, 2008 1:24 PM ET | Delete
I would not be surprized to be an upset in every series, but I have faith in my Sharkies
April 24, 2008 11:28 PM ET | Delete
This might be the first time I disagree with you. I can't take the Candiens and their fans are awful. I hope Philly and Montreal somehow both lose that series. The rest of the playoffs are pretty wide open though so it should be interesting.
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