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"Off The Post: Inching Closer to the Future"
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As I start this blog there are only 28 minutes left on Christmas. The last blog I wrote was a week ago on the 18th and I am actually annoyed at myself for not having a chance to write in the mean time. But I will say it has been a hectic week as I'm sure it was all the other bloggers and readers out there.

During this week, yours truly finished all of his assignments and finals for the semester by last Sunday. Sure, no big deal, all college students do what they have to do, but this was the end of an era as I graduated cum laude from Stony Brook University on Tuesday with a Bachelor's Degree in English with a History Minor. Unemployment here I come!!

...which is why I will be going to Grad school next semester. This is one of the many things I am thankful for this holiday season. But in regards to hockey, there is plenty to be thankful for as well.

To start, who here thought the Islanders would be right in the thick of things by the mid-point of the season? They are just on the outside of the playoff race without their captain, Doug Weight, to lead the way. In fact, the only legitimate veterans on this team are Jon Sim, Richard Park, Andy Sutton, Brendan Witt, Mark Streit and Trent Hunter. The rest are all young and inexperienced skaters. Not too shabby.

I'm also glad to see that John Tavares is the leading rookie in the league and on his way to a Calder Trophy nomination. Matt Moulson has been a pleasant surprise, and Kyle Okposo's leadership in Weight's absence cannot go unnoticed. He may be struggling to score goals, but he hasn't let it get the best of him. He still is a force every night; every shift.

I am grateful for having two goaltenders that can play and be called upon when needed. If it wasn't for Biron, and Roloson who has taken over the starting role, this team would not be where they are right now.

I am also VERY grateful to still be a contributing member of the New York Islanders Blog Box, as it has opened many doors for me that I would not have been able to have accessible to me anywhere else. The bloggers that have been here from the beginning have all been helpful and influential in many ways as well as the staff that has kept us together for the past two years that I have been a member. In addition to those mentioned above, my friends and family have all been very supportive of what I do as a student and blogger and I am thankful for all of their guidance.

And of course, I am very thankful for the loyal readers I have here on HockeyBuzz. The comments that I get, whether positive or negative, always have an influence on my writing in a beneficial way. I always look forward to hearing what other hockey fans have to say about my opinions and views and the fans on this web-site are just great.

Unfortunately for those of my readers that have been checking for a blog about Calvin de Haan, I have not been able to get in touch with him just yet. The World Junior Championships are about to be under way and I was told that it might be difficult to interview him this past weekend. I plan on following up with the Oshawa Generals' staff in hopes of hearing from Calvin some time this week. So keep checking!

Alright, this may have been the least sarcastic blog I have ever written. Being that there are only now 12 minutes left of the holiday, expect me to get back to my at times narcissistic view of the Islanders with a hint of sarcasm.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

-Rob McGowan
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