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Josh Bailey Checks Out

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That's right, Josh Bailey is checking out. He's played nine NHL games and tonight will be his tenth, sending him packing.

I know you're all saying, "Wait...what?"

Yes...he's packing his bags and checking out of that hotel he's been living in for the past two months to live in a house with Okposo, Gervais, and Thompson since he now rightfully owns a roster spot with the New York Islanders.

I would have been more surprised to hear that Bailey was going back to the OHL as opposed to hearing that he was staying. Gordon had implied all along that he wanted Josh to remain with his team by citing him as the second most-talented center in the line-up and increasing his playing time game by game. The kid has five assists in nine games, and although he hasn't potted his first goal yet, he's had chances and created lots of opportunities for his teammates.

Sending him back to Juniors would have been a low-blow to his confidence and probably a road block in his development. You can see that even at the young age of 19 he is perfectly capable of handling the game at the NHL level. Once Okposo returns hopefully we'll be able to witness Bailey and KO create some magic on the ice as they could be our future first line in the next few years.

In other news: Mike Sillinger will be finishing up his stint in Bridgeport, hopefully returning to the Isles lineup soon. Keep in mind with Silly close to a return and Bailey staying for the rest of the season, the Isles will have a total of six centers (including Comrie, Nielsen, Thompson, and Weight) when everyone is healthy. I assume that Thompson would be sent to Bridgeport...but then we still would have five. I don't expect the team to make any significant alteration with Nielsen out for possibly another 2 1/2 months or Comrie sitting with his hip injury...but I don't expect all six to still own a roster spot by the trade deadline either.

What do you think management will end up doing?
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November 30, 2008 1:53 AM ET | Delete
Hopefully Bailey works out for you guys. I wanted for the Leafs to send Schenn down, and I still think we should've, he has a lotta things to work on, but if Bailey really is ready to play then why not keep him up..
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