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"Off The Post: Inching Closer to the Future"
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I have to say, although I was the one who was duped it was actually pretty clever, and I have to admit, one of the better pranks that I've witnessed. And I will have all of you know that I am not as gullible as you will soon think. I actually am typically the one who is doing the pranking.

For instance, a few years ago I had my friend who was the back-up goalie for my high school roller hockey team convinced that he was unwanted for our upcoming game because I was able to impersonate the assistant coaches' voice to perfection. This spanned over several weeks and was incredibly enjoyable to watch. I had him believing that the coaching staff felt more comfortable with the team playing in front of an empty net instead of him. It wasn't until he was seriously devastated and said that he would not show up to our game that I had to spill the beans, otherwise we would've lost within minutes.

But yes, I fell for this one, and I fell pretty hard.

At work I am one of the only few hockey fans in the store with everyone dominantly loving baseball - the Mets in particular. Personally I don't care too much for baseball. I'll watch it if it's on, but baseball as a whole bores me. But naturally, being the typical outsider since I love hockey, the major sport that gets the least amount of recognition in the metropolitan area, I am the one that's teased and criticized constantly. I don't mind and usually am able to stand my ground, until the prank began.

I'm studying for a final (which is the reason for the lack of posts lately) and was interrupted by the most anti-hockey sports fan about who I thought would make it to the cup (the second round was about to begin in the next day or so). Shocked and astonished, I asked why he cared. It was simply because he wanted to bet online through a friend of a friend to make some extra cash. So I began explaining that all the teams, except the Flyers, were teams that were expected to advance, but I pinpointed specifically Pittsburgh, Montreal, and San Jose, with Detroit and Dallas the follow-ups.

Of course 3-5 teams didn't really help him, so he nagged me until I could narrow it down. I left it between San Jose and Pittsburgh and began texting friends of mine for their opinions. Eventually I narrowed it down to San Jose and the rest was up to him. However, I then found out that he was betting 450 dollars, and he ended up going with the Sharks.

Imagine how I felt when I saw the Sharks were down 3-0? The dirty looks I got...if looks could kill I would've dropped dead right there. He then tells me if the Sharks don't make it to the 3rd round, he has to pay another 100 dollars on top of that, and he forgot to tell me that 50 dollar betting fee he had to pay to join this whole thing. So now the potential total has come to 600 dollars. I offered to pay the 150 out of kindness - I truly did not feel this was my fault because I told him who I thought could win it, not who would win it, as I stressed it was way too early to tell. Neither did I say bet 450 dollars because that is insane...purely insane. But I still felt guilty and made the offer, but he rejected saying he would take care of it. Of course he couldn't help but make me feel worse by saying that his summer was over before it even began.

By next week the Sharks were eliminated after making a minor comeback of 2 wins to close out the series in 6 games. Now he tells me the bookie is texting him, asking for a phone call because he missed the pay date. Oh and now he owes another 50 dollars for paying late. 650 now. He keeps ignoring the text messages until he decided to play dumb and say, "Who is this?" Well that erupted several angry text messages with threats. Eventually the bookie text messaged my friends address, following it with "gave you too many chances see you soon." Apparently his friend that told him about the bookie gave up his address, perhaps bribed or threatened who knows. It was only a high school friend that he barely kept contact with since.

This led me to start getting suspicious, so I took it upon myself to look in the store phone book to see if the numbers matched. Turns out they didn't. The possibility of him texting himself in order to make this look real was tossed out the window and the tension just continued to reach new heights.

A friend of ours is a cop and he told me that he texted him in case this guy came knocking on his door. The next day he was at work and said that the bookie never showed up but kept sending him Pix messages of the different types of guns he had. He also told me that he had a change of clothes in his car and that he was going to crash at a friend's house for the night so that he couldn't find him. I did actually go walk passed his car and sure enough there were a few shirts and shorts thrown in the backseat. I thought that they easily could have been gym clothes so I remained a bit skeptical. But the possibility was still there and that was enough to prevent me from making further accusations.

With pressure mounting he decided he needed to do something, and the only thing he could do was bet on another team. This time I REFUSED to help him in his decision making since I had been partially blamed for the past few weeks. And out of the Flyers, Pens, Wings, and Stars, he chose the Flyers, the one underdog team of the four. Yep. He bet another 650 dollars. A week later the Flyers are down 3-0 and we're right back where we started.

The fact that everyone is laughing at work about how stupid he was by betting another 650, and that everyone continued to lay the guilt trip on my shoulders got me to think it was all bull. No one else was concerned for his well-being, so I knew there was only one way to get the truth out, and that was to give it right back to him.

I came into work with the Flyers one game away from elimination and informed him that I was going to get a lawyer with my parents since he had threatened a few times to give my phone number to the bookie, and that if needed I was going to take it to our boss and bring him into the lawsuit for the fact that there was gambling going on in the workplace. He started to turn a little red in disbelief, but he began questioning me a lot more. It wasn't much later that I was getting text messages from the bookie saying "whoever this is call me right now!" So naturally I did, of course making my number restricted. With my brother working as well, he was able to tell our prankster that our house phone is a restricted number, causing him to think that my parents were seriously concerned. When I got back to the store I was told that it was a prank - that he had gotten a new cell phone number and he had been texting himself after all - and to tell my parents that everything was fine and not to worry.

A taste of his own medicine did the trick and the cat was finally out of the bag, but I'll still say that was one heck of a creative and well-thought out prank that I have ever been a part of.
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