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"Off The Post: Inching Closer to the Future"
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Sure, it's a day of practical jokes and funnies, but there was nothing funny about the Devils victory tonight at the Coliseum. Tonight Brodeur captured his 40th win of his career against the Islanders, leading his team once again to clinching a playoff spot for the 11th year in a row against our lowly Islanders. Just add Brody's accomplishment to the list of others that have done to us over the past several years. It's almost like an insult to the injury, with our team missing what seems at times our entire roster.

That's not to say we're the only team in the league to have several milestones achieved by others when playing against us. In addition I don't believe that any hockey fan had doubts about the New Jersey Devils making the playoffs, so it shouldn't come to a surprise to me or anyone that it happened to occur tonight. Those, like myself, who want to get the highest pick possible are probably shaking their heads and asking, "why can't we lose in regulation like we used too?"

It's a bit depressing to accept that you want your team to lose. It's going to be even harder to swallow since the next two games are against our beloved New York Rangers. Although their destiny is not sealed, for the most part they are looking at their third post-season in a row. And if they continue to increase their playoff season play, they could do some damage with clutch forwards Chris Drury and Scott Gomez.

But here as fans we have to ask ourselves, if the scenario presents itself, do we want our boys in the blue and orange to play the ultimate spoiler for our most hated rivals, so we can laugh in every Ranger fan's face? Or do we still wish to lose to the team we hate losing to the most to ensure ourselves that top pick in the draft that features such potential stars in Stamkos, Doughty, Beach, and others?

If you ask me, I think we need to swallow our pride and accept the losses if they come. A few fisticuffs to make up for it would be nice...cough cough Kip Brennan cough cough.

So you, the reader, what are you looking for in the next 2 games? The ultimate spoiler? Or the ultimate draft pick?
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April 2, 2008 10:37 AM ET | Delete
This is silly. A draft pick. It's like asking a rational person if the short term or the long term matters more. Look at it this way.. would you rather like to see the Rangers not make the playoffs and be able to laugh about it until next season's playoffs? They've given us enough ammunition with the Montreal Massacre.. oh and let's not forget that they have a stacked team that can't clinch a playoff spot before the last two games of the season when they were supposed to top the East... Or have a star forward or defensemen that will likely cause embarassment and frustration for your rivals for years to come? The upcoming rivalry games can still be monumentally entertaining for us Isles fans without a win or two coming out of it. Imagine Kip Brennan putting a dent in Orr's face, now wouldn't that be sweet? Or maybe Okposo undressing the Rag's defensemen before putting one past 'King' Henry? Either way, if the Isles do take both games that doesn't mean we're out of the bottom 5 depending on how the teams less than 4 points above us do. Either way, better safe than sorry, I say. Winning these last two games would be nice, yeah, but I still think I will be rooting for the Rangers to win (or the Isles to lose, either way) while cheering on the Isles for any small victories they manage to pull out.
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