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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl
Lets see what was it a 6-3 loss in Buffalo? I honestly don't remember much of this game in Buffalo as I try to block bad memorys.

Ryane Clowe was extreemly upset with the loss to the Canucks. The Sharks didn't play poorly in the gave vs Vancouver but they didn't earn the win. With some of the Sharks players being down right PO'ed help us tonight to crush the Sabres and avenge the game in Buffalo.

In the big picture I am not overly worried about getting into the playoffs this season even with the west being so tight. I worry about when the Sharks will get hot and how long they can stay hot. Previous seasons the Sharks peak way too soon and when it came to the playoffs they burnt out and left too early. So to spin things in a good light maybe this is something the teams needs to stuggle now and if we get hot late in the season its too late for the other teams to figure out how to really counter the Sharks (ok maybe I'm dreaming or have my head in the ground like an Ostrich).

Torrey Mitchell will be back tonight. What can you see about Mitchell, the guy had a lot of energy and promise followed by the incident with Foster and injury after injury that kept him out. I hate to say this but I belive we have already seen his best and that he wont' return to that form. He is still good enough to be playing in the NHL but that spark he had 2 seasons ago seems to be far from where he is now. If I am wrong and his best is yet to come then this guy can be a good 2nd/3rd line threat to most any team.

With the consistancy of the Sharks resembeling cottage cheese something needs to gel pretty soon. Patty, Jumbo, Heater are definatly needing to step up there game to represent the salary they bring in, not that they are the core problem right now but if these 3 really step up and play hard I think the rest of the team will follow. I am pretty critical of Niemi and I know our D isn't always there to bail him out of a bad rebound but we need to get some spectactular goal tending for this team. Nabby was one hell of a goalie in the regular season, I belive he gave confidence to the people in front of him that allowed them to be a little more offensive minded.

I look forward to seeing Rivit and Grier playing again. Both of them I liked having as Sharks and kinda wish we still had them on some level. Pominville has been hot and should be someone to keep an eye on.
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January 7, 2011 2:39 PM ET | Delete
I think the steam is still coming off the pile of crap the Sharks left on the ice last night.
January 8, 2011 9:48 PM ET | Delete
Not to be a jerk, but it's Sabres (like swords) not Sabers.
January 9, 2011 5:48 PM ET | Delete
Ya big jerk! J/K spelling isn't one of my strongest areas, thanks.
January 10, 2011 6:06 PM ET | Delete
Wow the Sabres are actually all right but I still think that losing derek roy was a big doodoo!
January 12, 2011 12:37 PM ET | Delete
That's ok, spelling is not my strong area either. It took me a long time when I was a kid to figure out what a Sabre was! To Oiler fan 998 - Yeah, losing Roy is going to leave Buffalo on the outside looking in! Or they could sneak in on the last day like Philly did last year (although I doubt it). It's nice to see them in the playoffs, Buffalo is a hockey town with a football problem! One of the loudest buildings I have ever been in (playoffs or regualr season).
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