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"Ryman in SJ"
San Jose, CA • United States • 37 Years Old • Male
Leppardx ryan_dl
A few seasons ago the Sharks used to be a very young group. I belive the oldest player was Nabby at the time followed by Patty and Thorton. Last season was starting up and JR came on board. I was very skeptical of this move, I didn't see him making a major impact on the teams he was playing for. As the season progressed I was very impressed. Enter the 08-09 season and I was not impressed with the lack of movment by Doug Wilson. After going out and taking my neice and nephew for a bike ride I was surprised to come home and see on HB.com that Blake was a shark. If this was 1 year ago I would have wondered why and thought 'This guy is really old'. JR tought me a lesson and I hope Blake really comes through like JR has through the season. JR step aside you are no longer the Old man of the team.

I still belive the Sharks have something missing, perhaps the combo of a new coach and adding in Blake will change my mind on this, but as in the past I have that gut feeling that 'Something' is still not there.

From today till the start of the hockey season....I will have my batchlor party (boating at clear lake and playing cards with my buddys), get married in the end of Aug and then the honeymoon in Sept. So unlike most other summers I won't be tortured with a slow summer.
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Dan Boyle could be that missing something...
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