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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl
The ducks are looking for their first win. This will be game 5 and this has me thinking about a few things. First is how will the ducks come out? Will they be frustrated and target some of our players and try to run them over? My gut says "YES THEY WILL". Ducks have always been a physical team and I think they are going to throw there weight around as much as possible and that it may get out of hand, so if there is a scale for possiblity of major injury I'd put it on defcon 3. (No not an intentional injury but letting the emotions of frustration getting the best of them)

Second is if the ducks lose and are 0-5, will there be a shakeup down there? With exception to the oilers game they lost by 2 or more goals.

Third If the game gets physical will we see another fight like we did in preseason with Shelly and Parros?
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