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Restricted Free Agents

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It would take a lot but it could really improve the team. Toronto has a good young team with potential but as last night showed we need more to play against teams like the Rangers. Banging the leafs will knock them out. Our goaltending has been a pleasant surprise showing something more. It's probably a hair-brained idea and wouldn't happen, but I say the leafs go for both Benn and Subban. Here's an offer...

For Subban - Leafs give Finn, Colborne and a second rounder. This way the Canadiens have a potential second line center in Colborne, a good young defenseman in Finn and a draft pick.

For Benn - Leafs offer Kessel. Here Dallas get a top line player and scorer already signed, leafs get Benn who can get signed for similar deal.

This would give the leafs truculence on defense and more physical presence along with defensive game on the top line. It may not solve the problems but it would go a long way in fixing them.
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