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Ok the leafs ave shown the ability to score, and now to a point the ability for defense. Its eiter one or the other, why bad personnel tat don't mesh as a proper hockey team. The players are good but many missing factors. Want to improve it, its not a quick answer but a reset or 2-3 years as opposed to rebuild 4-5 years is all that is needed. Why here is a list of their stock.rn William Nylander, Connor Brown, Josh Leivo, Greg Mckegg, Tyler Biggs, Frederick Gauthier, Victor Loov, Matt Finn, Stuart Percy, Antoine Bibeau. Not great but good.rnCurrent Roster has some players as well, Kadri,JVR,Reilly,Kessel,Phaneuf,Franson,Gardiner,Bozak. Note these players are not meshing well for todays NHL hence their play.rnHere is the FixrnStep 1: Strip Phaneuf of Captaincy & Fire Nonis (Shanny & Dubas GM combo, new assistant GM)rnHe's proven that he can't handle it 3 meltdowns in 4 years is not leading the ship. I propose a co-captaincy Reilly & JVR. JVR has great intangibles and Reilly as such charisma. Assistants - Kessel and Phaneuf. rnStep 2: Pre Deadline TradesrnLupul for a young prospect (with his contract you not get more.)rnrnClarkson (Trade for another struggling player with bad contract but with less years.) Add 4th round pick for helping rid contract.rnrnTrade Franson - 1st and prospectrnrnDaniel Winnik - 3rd rounder?rnrnThis does not hinder the current roster allowing for ridding of contracts and still a chance to compete.rnrnStep 3 offseason:rnShop Phaneuf, Kessel, Robidas and Gardiner. rnIf you can get good return for Kessel and/or Phaneuf you do it.rnNeeds top 2-4 defense, prospect,top 6-9 forward, draft picks.rnrnSign Santorelli to one more year.rnrnStep 4: Get the best damn prospects available at current draft position. Trade up if possible.rnrnStep 5:rnThis will now be a very trying year. Trade whomever is not needed. Nylander, VR, Kadri, Bozak + other prospects and/or acquisitions make up for newer core. rnrnHopefully team ca get top 4 pick.rnrnStep 6: Sign useful free agent, and compete for playoffs but still no guarantee of making it.rnrnStep 7 :rn3 years have passed and now team has something with acquisitions being possible to compete.rnrnForwards:rnNylander - JVR - ?rnKadri - Bozak - BrownrnKomarov - Gauthier - ?rnLeivo - Carrick - ?rnrnDefense:rnReilly - ?rnGardiner - FinnrnLoov - PercyrnrnGoaltendersrnBernier - Bibeau
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