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O-Rielly a LEAF!

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This is seemingly assuredly, the Avs don't want to pay his contract and need something in return. The reason for hiatus is that they want O'Rielly for his center ice play. This gives a major advantage for the leafs.
Tyler Bozak.
Now I like Tyler Bozak, he has been good for us, not #1 center but good, and I know he is no Ryan O-Rielly.

Here's why I think he is going to be a leaf. Bozak's contract is ending, and he will command around 2-3 million give or take, something the Avs would love to pay. In Bozak they get a legit 2-3 line center that can pass and play defense. This is an easy equation for the most part but Bozak is a 40-60 point player where O'Rielly is a 50-70 point player.

A first rounder would make this easy, but Nonis will want to keep it.

So a trade is needing to happen, and the leafs need to give to receive. So here is what I am thinking.

To Toronto Maple Leafs
Ryan O'Rielly and a 5th Round Pick

To Colorado Avalanche
Tyler Bozak, Stuart Percy and a 2nd Round Pick

This gives the leafs their coveted center, better than Bozak, and they had to lose Bozak but its worth it. They lose Percy, but with Reilly, Finn, Holzer, Blacker, Franson, Gardiner, Phaneuf, Liles, Fraser, I think they could lose Percy. Lastly they lose a second rounder, but something legit had to go for O'Reilly so the need for a second rounder in needed. But Leafs want more out of it, so they ask for a small return most likely nothing in a 5th rounder.

Watch it people, this is a very possible trade, and any naysayers are not thinking, because this is a very fair trade with a good possibility of the Avs coming ahead because they already have Duchene, and with Stastny, Bozak or O-Rielly can be an easy 3rd. Percy can potentially be a top 4 d, and 2nd rounders have shown to go far in the past.
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