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Do I think the leafs will make the playoffs next year, no. That being said here is what I think the lineup could look like.

Komarov - Kadri - Soshnikov
Nylander - Matthews - Van Riemsdyke
Parenteau - Bozak - Brown
Michalek - Laich - Greening

Rielly - Marincin
Zaitsev - Gardiner
Hunwick - Carrick
Extra - Corrado


Yes I am predicting gustavsson to be between our pipes with Bernier next year, and he will do his part part much better than his first run. Bernier will have a better year but still not consistent enough.

Top 6 Scoring Predictions:
Matthews - 26 Goals, 34 Assists, 60 pts
Kadri - 30 Goals, 28 assists, 58 pts
Van Riemskdyke - 31 goals, 26 assists, 57 pts
Nylander - 20 goals, 36 assists, 56 pts
Soshnikov - 20 goals, 30 assists, 50 pts
Komarov - 18 goals, 25 assist, 43 pts

A very solid year for all top 6, but not enough. Bozak gets traded but on pace for 45 pts despite mostly 3rd line role same as parenteau on pace though for less tha 35 pts.

2017/2018 Roster
Marner - Matthews - Van Riemsdyke
Kadri - Nylander - Soshnikov
Hyman - Gauthier - Komarov
Brown - Free Agent - Trade Route

Zaitsev - Rielly
Gardiner - Valiev
Marincin - Carrick


Top 6 scorers
Matthews - 85 pts
Marner - 75 pts
Van Riemsdyke - 70 pts
Nylander - 70 pts
Kadri - 65 pts
Soshnikov - 58 pts

This is the year leafs make and if points predictions and my belief that leafs will get lucky with Matthews why not. Looking at a lineup like that is dangerous. Bernier is not a full starter but solid enough to be resigned and help develop Fucale who we steal from Montreal.
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March 21, 2016 5:07 PM ET | Delete
Van Riemskdyke
March 24, 2016 1:26 AM ET | Delete
I would prefer Jvr Stamkos NylanderHyman Matthews Marner Kapanen Gauthier komorovLevo greening brownBoth Bozak and Kadri get traded for some D help
April 12, 2016 2:39 AM ET | Delete
Thank god your not the gm,where is sparks and marner
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