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After a crazy ride of a year where two teams many predicted to not come close to a cup were in the final; it is time to follow that up with more predictions.

Western Conference:

1. Nashville Predators - 115 pts
A slight dip just because it can be difficult to maintain, but this is the team to beat in the Central.
2. Winnipeg Jets - 113 pts
A closer fight where the Jets will just need the playoffs to prove bragging rights.
3. St Louis - 101 pts
Many good solid additions.
4. Dallas - 96 pts
They fought and reached the playoffs.
5. Minnesota - 93 pts
After just missing, they now see more is needed with Fenton.
6. Colorado - 90pts
They have a strong building future, just too much competition and missed out. Bright future.
7. Chicago - 80pts
A better year but their time is gone.

1. Edmonton - 108pts
A huge jump and Chiapet is still in charge but with RNH, Draisatl, Mcdavid and a healthy Klefbom along with a better Talbot this team as the pieces for a big jump.
2. Los Angeles - 102 pts
Kovalchuk heps with that extra piece this tem needed before its eventual downturn.
3. Vegas - 98pts
Vegas makes the playoffs but loses a bit of ground as many players could not repeat exact success.
4. Calgary - 95 pts
Just enough to squeeze in playoffs.
5. San Jose - 93 pts
Their aging roster could not do it.
5. Arizona - 93 pts
Just not enough to make the playoffs but a great season for them.
6. Anaheim - 91 pts
Improved teams, Carlyle and a core that is aging is not a good combo.
7. Vancouver - 70 pts
Improving yes, but this team is much farther away than ownership thinks.

Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
1. Toronto - 114pts
Tavares, Reilly, Matthews, Nylander and Marner lead this team to a great season.
2. Tampa Bay - 113 pts
The battle for first was quite the battle and the last shootout win Toronto had over the Lightning is the most likely difference.
3. Boston - 104 pts
Not enough additions, but the team is still solidly strong.
4. Florida - 97pts
This time they nudged out New Jersey.
5. Montreal - 90 pts
A healthy and resurgent Price is not enough to help this team with far too many missing pieces. Although Drouin and Domi work well together.
6. Buffalo - 85 pts
This team is going to be scary, just need time.
7. Ottawa - 74 pts
Thankfully they are not last place and the only reason they improved is Anderson.
8. Detroit - 65 pts
This team is not good and management needs to see that.

1. Pittsburgh - 105 pts
They finally beat the Caps at the division/
2. Washington - 103 pts
They are still a good team and last years cup proves it. Gad Ovi got himself a cup he deserved it.
3. Philadelphia - 99 pts
JVR helps the team with more goals and thus one more point.
4. Columbus - 97 pts
This team is dragged but the Panarin drama but still manage the playofffs.
5. New Jersey - 95 pts
A building team they just didnt have enough to make two in a row. Very soon tho.
6. Carolina - 88 pts
Still missing offense, Brindamour needs more.
7. New York Rangers - 81 pts
Rebuilding still, it will be a road.
8. New York Islanders - 77 pts
No Tavares leads to Barzal leading them, but they have only 1 line, no defense and no goaltending. Weight wasn't as bad of a coach as many thought as Trotz cannot do enough.

Wild Card
Central -
1. Nashville
2. Winnipeg
3. St Louis

Pacific -
1. Edmonton
2. Los Angeles
3. Vegas

1. Dallas
2. Calgary

1. Toronto
2. Tampa Bay
3. Boston

2. Washington
3. Philadelphia

1. Columbus
2. Florida

West -
Nashville VS Calgary
Nashville wins in 5
Edmonton VS Dallas
Edmonton wins in 6
Winnipeg VS St Louis
Winnipeg wins in 7
Los Angeles VS Vegas
Los Angeles wins in 6

Nashville VS Winnipeg
Winnipeg Wins in 7
Edmonton VS Los Angeles
Edmonton wins in 7

Winnipeg VS Edmonton
Winnipeg wins in 5

Eastern Conference
Toronto VS Forida
Toronto wins in 5
Pittsburgh VS Columbus
Columbus wins in 7
Tampa Bay VS Bostong
Tampa wins in 6
Washington VS Philadelphia
Washington wins in 6

Toronto VS Tampa Bay
Toronto wins in 7
Washington VS Columbus
Washington wins in 6

Toronto VS Washington
Toronto wins in 6

Cup Final
Toronto VS Winnipeg
Toronto wins in 7
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Plan the parade past Tavares' parents house.
September 21, 2018 12:06 PM ET | Delete
Toronto soon, but not this year. They lose in second round to TB, but next year and for more years to come, repeat Conference and Stanley Cup final entries
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