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If I was GM...

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I will not try to calculate cap or anything, this is for fun, and what I believe could potentially be an ultimate team. I will pick 4 lines, 3 sets of d, and two goalies. The point is to create a team not of superstars but together will play as a team.rnrn1st UnitrnJames Van Riemsdyke - Sidney Crosby - Steven StamkosrnrnThis unit will have JVR is front of the net, and Crosby and Stamkos passing each other the pucks, could be extremely dangerous with all 3 potential of point per game.rnrn2nd UnitrnRyan Nugent-Hopkins - Jonathan Toews - Jordan EberlernrnThis unit has the playmaker in RNH, Toews for shooting, defensive and leadership prowess, and Eberles creative playing. It would be strong defensivle and score a lot of points.rnrn3rd UnitrnJarome Iginla - Patrice Bergeron - Matt FrattinrnrnThis unit has energy written all over it, can score, provide energy and defense.rnrn4th UnitrnDerek Dorsett - Travis Zajac - Aaron AshamrnrnThis unit should be able to provide a good checking line without the fear of fighting when needed.rnrnDefensern1st UnitrnErik Karlson - Jake GardinerrnA high offense, power play laden unit to dominate.rnrn2nd UnitrnCody Franson - Mark FraserrnA very communicative, and strong unit of players who always want to prove themselves.rnrn3rd UnitrnDerek Morris - Luke SchennrnA veteran and a hard hitter, used on defensive only assignments.rnrnGoaliern#1rnCarey PricernThe goalie every team would like, ins't the greatest talent, but strong consistent handles pressure and can lead any team to victories by stealing games.rnrn#2rnJohan HedbergrnProbably the greatest backup, always ready and never disappoints.
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