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This year has been exactly as described "painful" yet we are seeing the fruits budding from an eventful offseason. The question is with an almost certain top 5 pick and definitely top 10 who do go for. I will go one by one by the top 10 and see if he fits with the leafs mold and a good draft.

Austin Matthews - You can't say no to him he is a shoe in whoever drafts first so if its the leafs Welcome!

Jesse Puljujarvi - I am going to say yes for the complicated way to say his name imagine him streaking with Nylander or Marner.

Matthew Tkachuk - A hard high scoring winger like his father, high yes for him. Big hard players are needed in the top six, Look at the Oilers improving play now that Draisatli is playing good. Skill is amazing but a big forward who can put him points is needed still.

Patrick Laine - Potential Sundin a maybe...

Jakob Chychrun - Babcock stated the team needs one more high impact defenseman he a shoe in for a yes as he one of a few in this draft class.

Clayton Keller - Definitely a no we have enough small skill.

Alexander Nylander - Brotherly love can work wonders and lead to amazing chemistry definite yes,

Dante Fabro - If we have a later pick, he would be worth it, might be a high impact late bloomer defenseman

Pierre-Luc Dubois - Get him and potential trade candidate with future Quebec team or Montreal hmmm....

Tyson Jost - Small center, not what we need, if we pick ten go for Samuel Girard who is ranked 12th.

If we get the Penguins 1st, My best bet would be go for Micheal Mcleod, he could be a great two way center, something we could really use.

So who would I draft at this time with pick number 1-10
1. Matthews
2. Puljujarvi
3. Chychrun
4. Tkachuk
5. Nyander
6. Dante Fabro
7. Mcleod
8. Laine
9. Girard
10. Dubois
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