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What may have been a joke turned into a blessing in disguise John Scott. So this is where I came up with a great way to do the all star game. Keep the 3v3 and each division. Very entertaining.

Keep fan voting with a twist - Player must have played minimum 20 games. This prevents Ahlers and injured players. Otherwise fair game because anyone who plays in the NHL deserves to be there.

Each team all stars - This is where the big twist comes, let the team pick their own All Star. This would prevent players who dont want to play from being chosen and gives a better chance than the same typicals going.

Any extra players is then chosen by the league.

One last thing keep the skills, but I would add another skills to be done during draft weekend. This would be perfect for players to practice and train. Any player in the league can join in the ultimate skills competition. Rules are simple anyone can challenge, and the winner from the previous year must show up the next year to defend the title. Why it would be fun?
Think of James Reimer challenging Weber for hardest shot, be fun to watch. Or Price challenging Larkin at speed comp. The other thing maybe a fourth or third liner is faster or has a better shot but because of other skills lacking can't show off at all star game.
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