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Eastern Conference:
Washington X-Factor - Kuznetsov, Why Ovechkin alone cannot carry a team, hes great always showed character in the playoffs and wants that cup, he needs the other Russian to prove that Russia can dominate in the playoffs and rise to the occasion for Washinton. Two .9 + pts per game over the playoffs is always better than 1.

Florida - Jagr - He is the heart and soul of this team that is showin Barkov all his tricks. This will be a competitive team when Jagr retires but at the moment he is needed.

Pittsburgh - Hornqvist - Crosby, Kessel and when Malkin is back are the better ones but they need secondary scorers like Dupuis was and Hornqvist is a dirty area player perfect to pot in those dirty goals and help lead the way.

Tampa Bay - Drouin - No Stamkos, and No Stralman, banged up Callahan and Hedman, then this team needs Drouin to prove what he is and lead. Game 1 he did all that was asked and he must improve and be consistent as the series play in order for the lighting to be successful.

Ny York Ranger - Lundqvist, they live and die by him enough said, (yes I know he is injured now) without him Raanta needs to replace.

Detroit - Datyuk - slick, and smart, it miht be his last year and if he leads like he could what a way to leave.

New York Isles - Strome - The first line is always dangerous but teams live by depth and they need Strome to provide that depth.

Philadelphia - Haskthol is more than everyone thought, and he is the x-factor, he got the team to gel during the season, this is a new type to series and he will need them to gel perfectly in a new scenario.

Predictions: Caps over Flyers in 6
Panthers over Isles in 7
Penguins over Rangers in 4
Tampa over Detroit in 6

Semis - Penguins wins in 6 over Caps
Tampa Bay move past the cats in 6

Penguins take the series in 6


Dallas - Benn - This is all about offence and their top player will need to be the playoffs top for them to reach glory.

Anaheim - Goalies - Whoever it is, this team is deep but will only go where the goalies lead them. Not enough offence with them to carry.

St Louis - Steen - Aside from Tarasenko, Steen plays a multi-faceted game and can pot goals, they will need that all playoffs long to provide depth and breathers for Tarasenko

L.A. - Lecavalier - This team tends to be better when their fourth line has that has been skilled center to provide insane depth. Richards is gone he is in, and he has done a great reclamation story and needs to do it again.

Chicago - Toews - Kane and Panarin will be watched like hawks by everyone, this is the perfect opportunity for Toews to lead again.

San Jose - Ago, if age is not a factor this team can finally surpass the hump this 30+ agers lead this team and must do so again.

Nashville- Rinne - The goalie of 1000 faces, which shows the elite one or the weak one, Nashville needs him to be elite.

Minnesota - Dubnyk, This guy needs to stand on his head for them to stand any chance especially without Parise.

Predictions: Dallas wins in 5
Anaheim wins in 6
San Jose wins in 7
Chicago wins in 7

Semis - Chicago wins in 6
San Jose wins in 7

Conference - Chicago wins in 6

Stanley Cup Finals - Penguins win in 6. They are more rested and playing better. Blackhawks make it thanks to experience but their energy and depth catches up to them.
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