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Oilers at the 2013 draft

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A lot of people are sick of the Oilers losing every year and think they should make a move to improve immediately. These are the people that are tired of year after year last place and waiting for the rebuild to be complete. To be honest, I don't blame them. But the future is bright in Edmonton and it's actually good that they're not trying to speed up the rebuild and mess it up in the longterm. And even if we wanted to trade for immediate talent we don't have enough trade bait to get back a player of a good enough calibur. But in actuallity the Edmonton Oilers are only a few key pieces away from being a contender in the NHL. When you look at their lines you see holes a couple holes. They are at your 2nd line center position, the bottom six and on defense. You want to keep Eberle, Hall, Yakupov, Nugent-Hopkins, Paajarvi and Hartikainen up front and Schultz, Petry, Smid and Klefbom on the back end. We would also keep Horcoff and Smyth (because he won't leave) till their contracts ends and we would proberly keep Petrell and Brown on the 4th line. But then we need to trade Hemsky because we have no room for him any more and Gagner because, as good as he is, is too small. So going into the draft our roster looks like this.

Hall - Nugent-Hopkins - Eberle

Paajarvi - _________ - Yakupov

_______ - Horcoff - Hartikainen

Brown - Petrell - ___________

Schultz - Klefbom

Smid - Petry

______ - ______



So by looking at this you see that we need a big second line center, a big right wing power forward for the 3rd line, a 4th line checker, 2 defense and a backup goalie. For the back up you just need to sign a random free agent. Same thing for the 6th defense man and 4th liner. That leaves a defenseman, 2nd line center and the power forward. On defense Mark Streit could be a option and he and Ralph Kruger go back. And for the 3rd line winger They should try to get Nino Neiderrieter from New York since he apparently wants out. It could be we trade Hemsky for Neiderrieder and put him on the 2nd line with Yakupov and we could have a 3rd line of Paajarvi, Horcoff and Hartikainen. Then that leaves the 2nd line center position. This is where the draft comes into effect. We have the 7th overall pick and we wuld use it on the 2nd line center. We would take Monahan with the 7th overall pick and he would become the second line center. Then we would trade Gagner for a draft pick. So after all this the roster would be...

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

Neiderreiter - Monahan - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Horcoff - Hartikainen

Brown - Petrell - UFA signing

Schultz - Streit

Petry - Smid

Klefbom - UFA


UFA signing

This roster wouldn't yet be a contender but it is very young and it will mature and will become a team that could contend for the Stanley Cup.

Thanks for reading.
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