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Hey everybody!

While watching the Halifax Mooseheads all season and especially during the memorial cup I couldn't help but notice how well MacKinnon and Drouin play together. They are ranked 2 and 3 on the NHL's central scouting report and after they leave Halifax, they will proberly never play together again. But while I was watching the memorial cup final on Sunday I couldn't help but think, how awesome it would be if a team traded for the picks to draft both of these guys? Having these 2 play together on your team with their chemistry for the next 20 years would be almost like having Gretzky. If this were to happen it would proberly be one of Colorado, Florida or Tampa that would do it because they have the top 3 picks but since I like and follow the Oilers I'm going to propose a way for Edmonton to draft both of these 2 this year in 2 huge, inprobable, blockbuster trades. Here goes....

After MacKinnon's 2 memorial cup hat-tricks and his fantastic play in the tornament he pretty much made it a toss-up between him and Jones for the 1st overall pick. So if Edmonton were to want to draft MacKinnon they would have trade for the 1st overall pick to be safe. Cloutier mentioned a couple blogs ago (http://www.hockeybuzz.com...=51761&blogger_id=131) that he thinks edmonton should trade their 1st round picks in 2013 and 2014 for the 3rd overall pick. I think this would be a fair trade but if we were to do this to get the 1st overall pick we would need to add another asset. I think Ladislav Smid would be a good addition because Colorado needs defense and they could use a good shut down defenseman like Smid. So we have the 2013 and 2014 1st round picks and Smid for the 1st overall pick (MacKinnon).

Next you have to get Drouin. Jones will go 2nd if he doesn't go 1st overall so that means we would need the 3rd overall pick to get Drouin. I would say to do what Cloutier said but we would of already traded those 2 picks away for MacKinnon so we would need to find something else to use. Hemsky doesn't have a spot with Edmonton anymore so he could be used and Gagner's spot would be taken by MacKinnon so we could trade him. This would be good for Tampa because Gagner could fill the void that they have in their 2nd line center position and Hemsky could be a good playmaker to set up Stamkos on the 1st line. But this proberly wouldn't be enough to pry the pick from Tampa so we would have to add one more player/ pick. I think Rajala would be a good addition because he's showing he can be a top 6 player this year in the AHL but there's no room for him on Edmonton because they have too many small players. So we would have Hemsky, Gagner and Rajala for the 3rd overall pick (Drouin).

So the trades would be.....

To Colorado: 2013 1st round pick (7), 2014 1st round pick and Smid

To Edmonton: 2013 1st overall pick (MacKinnon)


To Tampa Bay: Ales Hemsky, Sam Gagner and Toni Rajala

To Edmonton: 2013 3rd overall pck (Drouin)

This would make our lines....

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

Drouin - MacKinnon - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Horcoff - Hartikainen

Brown - Lander - Petrell

ex: Smyth

Schultz - Streit

Petry - Klefbom

Fedun - Marincin

ex: Potter



As you can see I`ve made some changes like promoting Fedun and Marincin to the NHL and Mark Streit being signed. As you can see this is a great improvement on the current roster and in a year or 2 it would be deadly and most likely win a cup.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and let`s pray MacT can pull this off.
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