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MacTavish, MacTavish, MacTavish. Why do you keep confusing everybody? You go out and kill the contract of the highly skilled and promising Toni Rajala, and then the next day you go out and re-sign the skilled, but attitude filled Linus Omark, who's pretty much the exact same player! I'm obviously not a professional GM. and will more than likely never be one, but I can't help but wonder, what is going through you're head right now?

Omark has undeniable skill, I'll give you that. Just look him up on Youtube and you'll see multiple examples of his terrific skill and hands. But the reason the Oilers demoted him in 11-12 was because he had a terrible attitude and Tambellini didn't want his attitude to rub off on the kids. It was one of the only good moves he ever made in his tenure as GM. So why would you bring back an attitude problem when you just finally cleared them all out of the dressing room (i.e. Belanger, Eager, Whitney)?

There are, in my opinion, a few options as to why MacTavish would re-signed Omark. They are.......

1) Omark resolved his attitude problem

It's possible. A lot of young, cocky players go off to Europe for a season or 2 and come to a realisation while they're there that they aren't the best player to ever touch a hockey stick. Maybe it happened to Omark? Stranger things have happened. If this is the case, this could be a good signing by MacTavish because Omark - Attitude = Good.

2) MacTavish thinks Eakins can fix Omark's attitude

Eakins is a take-no-crap and a work-til-you-drop type of coach. If Omark doesn't change his ways Eakins will work him into the ground and will never let up. This could be a good idea on MacTavish's end because if, after say, 10 games, Omark hasn't changed at all, he can just send him down to OKC because of the 2-way contract. But I think Eakins can change him.

3) MacTavish was blown away by Omark's Swiss league showing

Omark took the Swiss Elite League by storm last year and lit it up with 17 goals and 69 points in 48 games. MacTavish couldn't help but notice that. It's possible that Omark made such an impression on MacTavish during the lockout that he was willing to take a chance on Omark, even with his attitude.

4) MacTavish plans on bringing in Damien Brunner

If you watched Omark play at all last year in Switzerland during the lockout you couldn't help but notice how much chemistry he had with current UFA Damien Brunner. They were like bread and butter. Perhaps MacTavish noticed their chemistry and has plans to sign Brunner to make a 3rd line of Omark - Gordan - Brunner. Pretty good 3rd line in my opinion.

The only way this happens though is if MacTavish has a trade for Hemsky. But with a top nine of Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Perron, Gagner, Yakupov, Omark, Gordan and Brunner, there would be no room for Hemsky unless he plays 4th line minutes. I don't see Hemsky going for that. But who would take Hemsky?

5) MacTavish plans to run 3 offensive lines

This option is pretty much the same as the last one except with Hemsky instead of Brunner. This would be a viable option, but it would probably only happen if MacTavish can't get anybody to take Hemsky and thee Oilers are stuck with him. But still, a top 9 of Hall, Eberle, Nuge, Perron, Gagner, Yakupov, Hemsky, Gordan and Omark would be great in my book.

6) MacTavish needs a replacement for Nuge while he's out

As every Oilers fan knows, Nuge is going to be out for the beginning of the season. So while he's out the Oilers will need another top 6 quality player to fill in for him. Most fans believe Hemsky will fill the role, but if MacTavish was able to find a trade for him, who fills the void? This is where Omark comes in. Omark has a 2 way contract. So he can take Nuge's spot until he returns and then the Oilers can send him down to OKC. It's a great deal for the Oilers because they get a temporary replacement for Nuge and they'll finally be able to find out if Omark has what it takes to make it in the big leagues.

7) MacTavish signed Omark as AHL depth

OKC's depth is crap up front. Sorry, but it's true. Who were the best players up front in OKC last year? Hartikainen and Rajala? Both are gone now. Who's the best this year? Acrobello? No offense to Acrobello but that's REALLY sad. It would make perfect sense for MacTavish to sign Omark to help shore up Oklahoma's depth. This move also means that management can finally findout how good or bad Omark actually is. A win-win in my opinion.

8) MacTavish went off the deep end

Every GM does at some point. Look at your Gilles's, your Burke's and your Feaster's. At some point every GM goes insane and starts making crazy and ridiculous moves. Hopefully this isn't the case because MacTavish has only been a GM for half a year and is just getting into the groove. But, if he did go off the deep end, let's hope Katz ends it quick and doesn't let it drag on like the Feaster situation in Calgary.

My best guess is that MacTavish plans to go with option 6, Omark being Nuge's temporary replacement. It makes tons of sense for the Oilers if MacTavish is able to rid themselves of Hemsky. Even if it's for a 4th round pick. Omark can try to show management that he is NHL material and the Oilers get a temporary replacement for Nuge. It's a win-win. Who knows? Maybe Omark plays good enough so that the Oilers can trade him for a legit 3rd line winger. That would be sweet.

So what do you think? Why did MacTavish re-sign Omark?
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September 4, 2013 12:22 PM ET | Delete
To put to bed the whole Omark saga. No harm in signing him. As for Rajala he wanted out of the NHL, so not much you could really do.
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