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Oilers Draft Joke

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After a disappointing draft day for the Oilers the one upside is listening to the post draft jokes that everyone's making about MacTavish. I just wanted to share my favorite with you......

On the day of the 2013 NHL draft, Edmonton Oilers owner Darrell Katz gives GM Craig MacTavish 1 brand new gold looney.

MacTavish then trades the new looney for 2 shiney quarters.

Then, MacTavish exchanges his 2 quarters for 3 whole dimes.

MacTavish then trades his 3 dimes for 4 big, shiney nickels.

Then lastly, he trades his 4 beautiful nickels for 5 nice copper penny's.

MacTavish then shows what he did to Katz and Katz asks, " What did you do!!??". MacTavish replies, " I got 5 pieces for the 1 you gave me!!!"

I got a good laugh out of this. Because it's true. MacTavish traded all his picks down to get more players, but he picked quantity over quality. For shame.
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