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MacTavish continues to impress after the dissappointing draft. Signing Ference, Boyd, LaBarbara and The Finnish guy is a good start to filling some of the roster holes on the Oilers squad. But there's still lots more to be done to fill the rest of the holes on Edmonton's roster and MacTavish still has his work cut out for him. After day 1 of Free Agency the Oilers roster looks like......

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

________ - Gagner - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Boyd - ________

Brown - Lander - The Fin

Ference - J Schultz

Smid - Petry

N Schultz - Belov



So MacTavish solved the 4th line, Goaltending, the 3rd line center position and sorta the defense situation. He still has to find the biggest piece, 2nd line LWer, and another 3rd liner.

The 2nd line winger position could be easily filled by Iginla or Jagr who are still available. They both would bring a veteran presence and would both be a good influence on the kids. Both of them still have enough offense to be top 6 players too.

So after the Oilers sign one of those 2 they only have the 3rd line position left to take care of. One of N Schultz or Smid need to go now that they signed Ference so we could trade one of them. I would go with N Schultz because Smid's the better player. Pretty much any team would have an interrest in Schultz so pick a team and choose a player. I would pick Derek Stephan from New York, he's young like the rest of the Oilers roster and has a good 2 way game. He has good offense too. Trade N Schultz for Stephan and a draft pick and everyone'll be happy.

Now that we have everyone you would think the team would be set for for next season. Well, your wrong. Ference is more of a 3/4 type of guy so the Oilers would still have to find another true 1st pairing defense. I'll say it again, Jake Gardiner. Eakins likes him, Schultz likes him, it's all good. 2014 1st rounder and we're fine.

This makes the Oilers lines.....

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

Jagr/Iginla - Gagner - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Boyd - Stephan

Brown - Lander - Finnish guy

Gardiner - Schultz

Smid - Petry

Belov - Larsson



Could be good if it doesn't get injured. Place around 8 to 10th in the league and compete for a playoff spot. Oilers fans dream of the day.
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