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Welcome to the final installement of my series "Oilers Draft Possibilities". In this blog I'm going to discuss the possibility of Lindholm being drafted by the Oilers. He is a centerman that would be perfect on Edmonton's 2nd line with Yakupov. Even though he's small he's compared to Forsberg by a lot of scouts and it's hard to get a player of that calibur.

Lindholm is small but he has extreme skill. He has great hands, a good shot and can always find his teammates on the ice. He has terrific hockey sense and can always read the play and see the ice good. He always knows what the opposing players next move is and is good at breaking up plays and seeing where the other player's going to go. Lindholm isn't overly physical because of his size and he can't plow by people the way Nichuskin and Monahan can, but he's quick on his feet and is hard to stop when he's at full speed.

If Edmonton drafts Lindholm he would fit perfectly on their 2nd line with Yakupov. He isn't big and wouldn't solve the size issue in the top 6, but his skill level is hard to find and might be too much to pass up. The only way the Oilers wouldn't be able to get him is if Carolina or Calgary drafts him. It's actually a little bit funny.... A month or two ago it was a stretch for someone to say Lindholm was going to even go in the top 10. And you would have been called a idiot if you had him in the top 5. But now a lot of scouts have him being taken by Carolina at 5th overall. I don't know what chanced but something must of because he's now being compared to the likes of Forsberg.........

Anyway.... If we where to draft Lindholm we would also be able to trade Gagner for a mid - late 1st rounder. And as I said in my Barkov and Monahan blogs we could draft Lazar with that pick. So if we drafted Lindholm and drafted Lazar with the Gagner pick Edmonton's lines for next year would be........

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

UFA (Horton) - Lindholm - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Lazar - UFA

Petrell - Lander - Brown

This would be a great improvement on the last couple years and if Lindholm turns out to be the next Forsberg we could of got a steal with this years pick if MacT decides to announce Lindholm's name on Sunday.

Thanks for reading the "Oilers Draft Possibilities" series and watch for my draft preview blog tomorrow or Sunday.
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