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2013 NHL Mock Draft

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With the NHL entry draft just around the corner and with all the controversy sorrounding it this year, I thought I should put in my two cents. With this being a deep draft year it will be interesting to see how it stacks up to the rest. So with no further ado, ladies and gentlemen, this is the Oilersrule66 2013 NHL mock draft.

#1 - Colorado Avalanche - Seth Jones

I was very tempted to put Nathan MacKinnon's name here but the fact is Colorado is lacking on defense. I'm not saying their offense is good because it's not actually super good either but the fact is they need the upgrade more on defense than on offense. The last time a defense went 1st overall (Johnson) he didn't really pan out and now people are timid to do it again being afraid that they will be a bust too. But I think Seth Jones will be able to prove them wrong because his size (6'4'') and skill set put together create a deadly weapon on any teams blueline and will make him one of the best defensemen in the game. Also, I don't believe Sakic saying he won't pick Jones. He's just trying to get offers for the 1st overall pick. If they keep the pick they'll go with Jones.

#2 - Florida Panthers - Nathan MacKinnon

If this guy doesn't go 1st overall he going 2nd. After winning memorial cup MVP and almost doubling the points total of the next best scorer in the tourney he pushed his stock back up to 1st overall. But because of the team that's picking he's going to fall to 2nd. Lucky Florida! In MacKinnon they're going to get a great hockey player that can shoot, pass and pretty much do anything and they will have a franchise player to build their franchise around, and Florida needs a franchise player badly.

#3 - Tampa Bay Lightning - Jonathan Drouin

A lot of people are saying that Tampa should pick Nichuskin because of his size but I've been watching Drouin all year long in Halifax and I know he is the better player skill wise. During the QMJHL regular season he won the scoring race and looked better than MacKinnon offensively. Drouin will never be the complete 2 way player that MacKinnon is but he's exactly what Tampa needs, a winger with a ton of skill that will be able to play with Stamkos for the next 20 years. I think he should be picked over Nichuskin because Nichuskin doesn't have as much of an offensive upside as Drouin and I think Tampa's looking for the player with the best offense and playmaking ability.

#4 - Nashville Predators - Sasha Barkov

I picked Barkov over Nichuskin for Nashville because Nashville has more talented wingers than centers (Kostitsyn, Fisher, Hornqvist vs. Legwand) and Barkov would be a good fit because he could jump right in next year as the 2nd line center and progress into the 1st line center position once Legwand ages and becomes too old for the job. Barkov would be a good asset for Nashville because he's a BIG offensively minded forward that can put the puck in the net at will.

#5 - Carolina Hurricanes - Rasmus Ristolainen

OK. Before you all spaz out at me and call me a idiot let me tell my argument for drafting Ristolainen. Carolina needs defense. Badly. On forward they have the Stalls, Semin, Skinner, Ruutu, etc. On defense they have..... Ummmm...... EXACTLY! Their best defensemen is McBain and that`s sad. No offense to McBain because I like him but he`s more of a 3/4 type of guy. Back to the draft.... personally, I think Ristolainen is the 2nd best defense in the draft after Jones. Nurse is tall and has a good shot and is fast for his size but he`s a bit of a wild card in his own end. Ristolainen is a good all around player. He is good offensively, solid defensively, is still a good skater and is just as tall as Nurse just not as solid. So with Carolina`s needs I think Ristolainen is the best choice for them.

#6 - Calgary Flames - Sean Monahan

Well, knowing Jay Feaster he`ll proberly go out and draft someone like Nicholas Petan with this pick but if he has any brains at all he`ll pick Monahan. Calgary has decent wingers and defense in their system but their centers suck. They need to draft a center in this draft and Monahan is their guy. Monahan is big and can play physical which the Flames really need and he has decent offensive potential. He also is a good 2 way forward and will be good about coming back and helping the defense on the backcheck. Hopefully for Calgary Feaster doesn`t pull a Feaster.

#7 - Edmonton Oilers - Valeri Nichuskin

For those of you who say we should pick Nurse I want to slap you. Edmonton doesn`t need another defensive prospect. With Schultz x2, Petry, Klefbom, Smid and Marincin they have their top 6 for the next 10 years. What they don`t have is a top 6 left winger with size that can protect the kids but still has lots of skill. Bells should be going off in your head saying, wait. Nichuskin is a tall 6'4'' left winger who can kill people if they touch one of the kids and has skill to spare. Nuff' said. Nichuskin = A tall guy who can break someone in half and can still get 80 points a season in his prime and won't be a giant liability in his own zone. And with him coming to North America this summer and saying he wants to play in the NHL this should erase the russian factor. Nichuskin at #7 is a steal.

#8 - Buffalo Sabres - Elias Lindholm

Buffalo has doesn't really have many good centers. They are in desperate need of them and Lindholm could be their future 1st line center. He's not very tall but he has lots of skill and is one of the best playmakers I've ever seen. Buffalo could use someone like this setting up Grigerenko in a couple years. The one downside to Lindholm is that he's not very NHL ready and he'll be more of a long-term project but that's fine for Buffalo because they're just starting a rebuild and aren't going to be good the next couple years so they won't be in a rush to develop him too fast.

#9 - New Jersey Devils - Darnell Nurse

A lot of people will be surprised if he falls this far but with the needs that the other teams have he might do just that. Nurse is a big tall solid defense that can destroy people along the boards and has huge offensive upside. He also is alread 220+ pounds at 18 and can skate like the wind. The only problem with him is that he makes too many mistakes in his own zone. But even with this he will be a great piece for New Jersey to build their defense around for the next 20 years and he can potentially be a future 50+ point getter.

#10 - Dallas Stars - Bo Horvat

Dallas I think is going to take the best player available at this point in the draft. They don't really have one position that's overly weak so they will take the best player available, in my opinion, Bo Horvat. I've seen predictions were he went as high as 6th. I don't think he'll go that high but I think he will be drafted in the top 10. Horvat isn't very big but he is wicked offensively. He has a good shot from the slot and is good in the face-off circle. He doesn't really have any major weaknesses so I think Dallas will like his consistency.

#11 - Philadelphia Flyers - Max Domi

Philadelphia is a playoff team that had an off year and with the shortened season wasn't able to recover and missed the playoffs. They don't really have any weaknesses and they will proberly pick the best player available. I think they will take Max Domi. He is the best player skill wise in my opinion at this point in the draft but a lot of teams will pass on him because of his size. I think the Flyers will take him because they don't need an immediate player so they will take the project player that could turn into the next St. Louis.

Risk = reward.

#12 - Phoenix Coyotes - Hunter Shinkaruk

Phoenix doesn't have a true number one center. They have good defense, decent wingers but they are lacking up the center. Some analysists have Shinkaruk ranked as high as 4th, and they have reason for it. He is a quick, smooth skating center that has a quick shot and always knows where his teammates are on the ice. He projects to be a future 1st line center and he'll get that chance in Pheonix. He won't be in the NHL for a year or 2 but if they develop him right he could be their future #1 center.

#13 - Winnipeg Jets - Curtus Lazar

Winnipeg has good defense. With Bogosian, Byfuglien and Enstrom amoungst others they're fine on the backend. But up front it's a different story. They need to solidify their 2nd and 3rd lines for the future and Lazar fits perfectly into the future 3rd line center position. He's tough and gritty along the boards and he still has a little offensive potential. He had a slow year with the Oil Kings this year but the Jets know he can bounce back and play for them someday and be a great 3rd line center.

#14 - Columbus Blue Jackets - Nikita Zadorov

This was almost one of the biggest upsets of the year. The team projected to be last place and pick MacKinnon came one spot out of the playoffs. It was good in theory because the team can call the year a success, but Columbus still has a lot of holes and now they don't have a high enough draft pick to get someone who will have an immediate impact next year. If they don't try to move up and they keep this pick I think they will pick Zadorov. Their defense is weaker than their offense and Zadorov is a huge 6'5'' beast who can destroy people along the boards. In a couple years he can add a big physical presence to Columbus's backend and give them a bit of an offensive punch to a weak Columbus defensive core.

#15 - New York Islanders - Ryan Pulock

With Mark Streit leaving for greener pastures in Philadelphia the Islanders lost a big part of their defense. Pulock could be Streit 2.0 in a couple years. Now I'm not saying he's going to be as good as Streit but he has the same style of play. He's a offensively gifted defense with a big shot that can quaterback the teams powerplay but he could be a liability in New York's end. Just like Streit was.

#16 - Buffalo Sabres - Dillon Heatherington

With Buffalo's second pick I think they'll pick a defense. A lot of you proberly think I have this guy too high but I think he might be a good fit in Buffalo. Heatherington is a big mobile defense who has a big powerful stride and he is good defensively in his own end and is good at blocking shots and breaking up the opposing teams plays. He also likes to use his body to seperate the opposing player from the puck and make the outlet pass to his forward. he's more of a longterm project for Buffalo but he could fit in good on their 2nd pairing in a couple years.

#17 - Ottawa Senators - Alexander Weenberg

With Karllsson, Methot and Cowan amongst others Ottawa`s defense is good for the next 20 years. But with Alfredsson getting older and a thin depth up front Ottawa should try to get some offensive prospects. Weenberg is a slick skating Swede that can put the puck in the net but is better known for his playmaking ability. He always knows where his teammates are on the ice and has awesome hands. Ottawa seems to have a thing for Swedish players so they would be a perfect fit.

#18 - Detroit Red Wings - Valentine Zykov

Detroit's glory years are behind them. With only a couple decent years left they need to look to the future. Zykov could be Datsyuk's future replacement. He's a offensively gifted russian with good hands but what really stands out about him is his defensive play. While I watched him play against Halifax this year I couldn't help but notice how he back-checked and how he came back to help out his defense. He reminded me of Datsyuk. Zykov is still a few years from the NHL but he could be a valuable asset for Detroit and could even be mentored by Datsyuk in a couple of years when he is NHL ready.

#19 - Columbus Blue Jackets - Anthoney Mantha

I don't think Columbus's defense is so bad that their GM needs to devote this entire draft to getting better defensive depth and I think that he want's to create an all around team with no real weaknesses that will be able to compete for a cup. So I think their 2nd pick will be a forward. Mantha is a big power forward that can blow by people on the wing and likes to use his size to separate his opponent from the puck. I think he would be a great addition to the Blue Jackets roster and he will be able to protect the smaller forwards on the team in a couple of years.

#20 - San Jose Sharks - Frederik Gauthier

San Jose is a good all around team with no real weaknesses so I think they will take the best player available. I think that player is Frederik Gauthier. Gauthier is a big center that can plow by people with his size and likes to play physical. He has good offensive potential and he and Couture would make a good 1 2 punch in a couple years once Thornton retires. Gauthier is also good in the faceoff dot but can take some unneccesairy penalties.

#21 - Toronto Maple Leafs - Andre Burakowsky

Toronto has a lot of holes on their roster so I think they'll pick the best player available, Andre Burakowsky. Burakowsky has a strong stride and is a fast skater and also has a good shot and has lots of offensive potential. But he doesn't have very much weight on him and isn't very physical. Think Austrian Nugent-Hopkins. But that hasn`t detered Toronto before and I doubt it will this time. He has enough offensive potential to take a chance on.

#22 - Calgary Flames - Nicholas Petan

Like I said last time Calgary`s gonna pick Nicholas Petan. Just not as early as I said. Petan is a small skilled offensive center that has sick hands and a good shot. Watching him play in the Q this year he seemed to have almost as much skill as Drouin. But he`s small. Even though I already have Cagary picking a center (Monahan) I think they`ll still pick Petan because you always need the 2 sides. For example, in the 80`s Oilers dynasty they had the small skilled Gretzky and the big physical Messier. (Sorry for the Oilers example Flames fans I know you hate us). I`m not saying these 2 will be as good as Messier and Gretzky but you know what I`m saying.

#23 - Washington Capitals - Robert Hagg

Almost all of the mock drafts I`ve seen have this guy going to Washington and it makes sense. Washington has good forward depth but their defensive depth is terrible. So if they`re going with a defense Hagg should be their guy because he`s a good all around player who doesn`t make many mistakes. He doesn`t get noticed much on the ice but if you`re a defense that`s a good thing. Because if you`re being noticed it normally means you`re making a mistake. Hagg also has a good shot from the point and is good on the power play. He could be perfect playing with Green in 4 or 5 years.

#24 - Vancouver Canucks - Michael McCarron

Vancouver is going downhill and need to start rebuilding. Their forward depth is weak and they need to start to replenishing it. McCarron is proberly their best option at this point in the draft because he`s a tall winger that can blow by people and has a laser of a shot. He doesn`t have very good hands but he makes up for it with his physical presence and he could be a good power forward for Vancouver in the future.

#25 - Montreal Canadiens - Samuel Morin

As much as I hate to admit it, Montreal`s on the rise. They are gong to be a contender in a couple of years and are mainly looking for a good depth player in this draft. Morin is a huge defense that has a good shot and can skate for his size. He doesn`t have much weight on him for his size and he needs to bulk up before he can play in the NHL but Montreal can take the chance on hin because they don`t need an immediate player. And they like their homegrown kids.

#26 - Anaheim Ducks - Kerby Rychel

I don`t know what to say. You look at Anaheim on paper and they look like a 10th place team but there`s something about them that makes them good. They don`t have a real weakness so they`re going to take the best player available and I think that`s going to be Kerby Rychel. Rychel has good hands and a good shot but he isn`t the best skater and lacks consistency. But if he fixes his consistencey issues he could be a steal at this point in the draft.

#27 - Columbus Blue Jackets - Steve Santini

Columbus`s main weakness is on defense so I think they will take another defense with their 3rd pick. Santini is an offensively gifted defense with good hands and lots of speed. His shot isn`t terrific but he is good defensively and doesn`t make many mistakes in his own zone. I think this will be a safe pick for Columbus and he could become a future 3/4 defense in a few years.

#28 - Calgary Flames - Zach Fucale

With Kipprusoff retiring and the uncertainty in the Flames crease, Fucale could present a world class option for a couple years down the road. Some have Fucale ranked in the top 10 and it`s because he`s one of the most touted goaltending prospects since Fleury. Calgary will be lucky if they get him here but if they do they`ll get a super mobile goalie that can move around really good in his own crease. He has good reaction time and always has a chance at the shot. You can never count him out of the play even if you have an empty net. Fucale will be the future starting goalie in Calgary if they get him.

#29/30 - Boston Bruins - Madison Bowey

Boston has good depth everywhere but if I had to pick a spot that was a bit thin I guess I would pick defense. I think they pick Bowey because he`s a big mobile defensemen that cna play physical that has lots of experience internationally. He`s played in a lot of internationnal tornements and uses that experience to his advantage. He uses his body and loves to be physical and throws a lot of big hits. I think this is the best player Boston can pick at this point in the draft.

#29/30 - Chicago Blackhawks - Josh Morrissey

Chicago doesn`t really have any weaknesses so they`re going to pick the best player available. I think this is Josh Morrissey. Josh is a good powerplay quaterback. He has a laser of a shot from the point and he can make big rushes at key times in the game. He also is good at making accurate tape to tape passes and can see the ice really well. He could be a good asset for Chicago if they take him.

Well there you have it! This is my mock draft for the 2013 season. There are a lot of risers and droppers in this but there is in every draft and this years draft is hard to predict because picks 10-30 is pretty much a crap-shoot. It all depends on what mood the GM`s in at that moment.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to doing this again next year!
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