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In the 3rd installement of my series "Oilers Draft Possibilities" I'm going to discuss the possibility of the Oilers drafting Sean Monahan, the 2 way beast. Monahan could be the solution to our center crisis and could add the much needed size to our top 6.

Sean Monahan is projected to go 6th overall to Calgary by most analysts because Calgary has a gaping hole up the middle and need to add size and skill to their top 6 in the form of a big center. Monahan will most likely be the best option available at this point in the draft for them. But if Feaster pulls a Feaster/ Burke move (terrible trade/ move) or if Calgary drafts Lindholm, Monahan could be a good option for the Oilers at 7th overall to fix their own center crisis and add the much needed size to their top 6.

As a player Monahan is a big 2 way forward that is good defensively and also has some offensive skill. He's good in his own end and isn't afraid to use his body. He is good in the faceoff dot and was only a few days from being drafted in last years draft class and as a result is very mature for his age and is more NHL ready than most of the players in this draft class and will be able to make the jump to the NHL next year. Monahan also is a born leader. He would be a great captain on any team and he leads by example.

Monahan would fit perfectly on Edmonton's 2nd line. He's the tall, tough 2 way forward that Edmonton's been craving since Messier left. As I said in my write up about Barkov, if the Oilers draft a center we wouldn't need Gagner anymore so we would trade him for a mid - late 1st round pick. This pick could be used on Lazar, who Edmonton loves and he would fill the hole the Horcoff buyout leaves on the 3rd line. So if we draft Monahan Edmonton's roster would be......

Hall - Nuge - Eberle

UFA (Horton) - Monahan - Yakupov

Paajarvi - Lazar - UFA

Petrell - Lander - Brown

Not too shabby. Monahan is a good solid pick for Edmonton, he's a good all around player that would be perfect on our 2nd line and we could also get Lazar for Gagner!

Next time........ Lindholm
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