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Well tonight's game certainly had its share of ups and downs for both teams. I thought Colorado came out with a lot of speed and energy to start the game, flying up the wings and making smart passes. Then came a disheartening goal by Weber who let one rip from the point on the PP. Shortly thereafter, the Preds continued to press and wound up hitting 2 posts (if i'm not mistaken).

Though we had 17 shots in the first we came out pretty flat in the second. The defense just didn't look in sync with the play around them and that caused problems for Theo, who despite playing pretty solid, was left out to dry on a the majority of the Preds' goals.

I found it particularly interesting that there were no fights in the first (or at all). Over the past little while, Colorado fans had been treated to something we are not accustomed to in Denver - fights! You name 'em - Parker, Lappy, McCormick, McLeod - these guys brought a lot of energy to a much-depleted team when they need it most and for the first time in a while, we chose not to fight and we ended up losing. Now I'm not saying it's our lucky charm, but come on, Nashville scores 3 in four in a half minutes and absolutely no response from any of our players!

Recently there was a poll done on the Avs message boards asking whether the reader felt Colorado could use more grit or whether they were fine they way they are. Surprisingly to me, most people said they were fine...While the Avs have showed a lot of heart since losing Stastny (in particular) the Avs sure could've used some heart (and some better defensive positioning) in a night to forget at Pepsi Center.
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January 23, 2008 10:01 AM ET | Delete
I thought you guys played great up until the third - and even then there wasn't too much that could have been done about those goals. I agree that there should have been some sort of physical response. It seemed Weber was even itching for a fight and I was surprised someone didn't try to start something.
January 23, 2008 10:21 AM ET | Delete
With Tootoo and Hordi out of the lineup I don't expect many fights for a bit until they return. I know Hordi would have probably been able to get Lappy to go up until the 3 goal explosion, then Trotz wouldn't have let him.
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