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Let me start by saying that I am an optimistic person by nature. I try to believe that all things will work out well in the end or at least that every situation has the potential to turn out well.

As the whole hockey world anxiously awaited FAF (Free Agent Frenzy), I suggested the Avs could use some depth wingers - guys with a little heart and soul. You can't question Darcy Tucker's heart or soul. Same goes with Swedish pest Per Ledin. These two signings are a little curious. I'm not a huge Tucker fan but he can prove useful in many circumstances, as can Ledin. It's not their value that I question, it's the fact that we now have basically two full lines that are chalk-full of gritty, in-yo-face pests: Tucker, Lappy, Ledin, McLeod, McCormick, Parker (when he plays) and even Jones.

I guess one things for sure, Francois Giguere has decided to try to make his team a tougher one to play against, a proverbial "pain in the butt" team that'll bang and crash, muck it up and get under your skin. Not since the Claude Lemieux days have we seen the Avs do this.

Now, about Raycroft. I think most people will laugh at this signing, even though it is only a 1yr worth $800,000. Let me make this clear: this is NOT the signing I was hoping for in goal. However, I said it before and I'll say it again, that I believe in Budaj. With Raycroft, as Theo a few years ago, we have a goalie that was in need of a new location and a fresh start. While I don't like the idea of Colorado being a goalie-rehab center, I think that bounce-back years and guys trying to prove themselves can have a very positive effect and I, for one, hope this will be the case with Andrew. In time, maybe he can even challenge for the #1 position, who knows?

Quick notes about our D. We have 6 solid guys back there: Foote, Liles, Salei, Hannan, Clark, and Leo, with Cumiskey soon to be here (along with others). We lost, in Finger, grit and toughness. Don't read into that to think I question the toughness of Foote, Salei, Hannan or even Liles. I think the Leafs may a good move, though I must say I didn't expect Finger to receive close to $3.5m per season! All the best to Theo in Washington, Brunette in Minny, Finger in Toronto, and Sauer in Phoenix.

Being an optimistic person, I believe we should give this new-look Avalanche team a chance and extend at least an ounce of grace to FG, Raycroft and Tucker and welcome the latter two to our team.

As always: go avs go!
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July 1, 2008 10:03 PM ET | Delete
Raycroft is without question the worst goalie in the league. Good luck. Then again my Leafs gave Finger 3.5mil. What do you think of Finger?
July 1, 2008 10:50 PM ET | Delete
raycroft is certainly down, but I wouldn't count him out. He did set your franchise record for wins a couple seasons ago. Finger's really gritty and in your face. while he takes some dumb penalties at times, he's a solid guy who can make a decent first pass and he'll eat up some minutes.
July 1, 2008 10:58 PM ET | Delete
i am happy with the moves today. i don't know why everyone is so angry about the raycroft signing. he is not even making a million! losing bruno is big but i think that tucker will help fill that hole. as i team, i like the way things are shaping up for the avs. there is total reason for optimism!
July 2, 2008 12:38 AM ET | Delete
Jeff was one of the best defenceman in the western conference in the 2nd half of the season. Hes a late bloomer that could be in our top 4 come october. I think its a decent signing and hopefully he can live up to his annual salary.as for tucker and raycroft(mostly raycroft).....have fun:) cause trust me....you will.raycroft: TERRIBLE Tucker: Decent at times but also sloppy at times.but i actually think the avs signed tucker for a reasonable price. he will bring toughness, gritiness, some goal scoring abilities and is a pure grinder.Go leafs Go!!!
July 2, 2008 11:28 AM ET | Delete
Finger was awesome in the 2nd half of last season, but he started to look a little slow against the Wild. He looked like a grandfather against Detroit. Toronto fans are making fun of the Avs and Raycroft, but I'd sign two Raycrofts @ 800k before I would ever ever ever consider giving Jeff Finger $3.5 million. What is the point of buying out all your high priced talent if you're going to turn around and sign a $3 million dollar 4th or 5th defenseman?
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