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Recently there has been much talk surrounding these two young, very talented players and probably for good reason. Liles is coming off of a superb year in which he was scoring with the "big boys" of the defensive world but is off to a rather slow start this season, while Svatty obviously had a disappointing year in comparison to his rookie campaign, but has started to pick it up again this year.

The question is, if Giguere was willing to trade these two potential stars, who would we get back in return. Eklund recently blogged about NYR wanting to give up Prucha, Malik, Montoya and an "intriguing" prospect (Nigel Dawes anyone?). I don't know if that would really help the Avs this season.

Frankly, I'm surprised that there has been nothing mentioned about Andrew Raycroft and the Avs. For a goalie who had 37 wins last season for a pretty stinky Toronto defense (some would say, team), that's pretty darn good! Could he be better fundamentally? Definitely. Is he a #1? No doot aboot it! For a team as talented as the Avs to not make a move for a better goaltender this year would be ridiculous and as much as I would hate to part with two of my favorite Avs in Liles and Svatos-to get a true #1 goalie would be well worth it, whoever it turns out to be!
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December 17, 2007 12:58 AM ET | Delete
I think Raycroft for Liles/Svatos would be a good deal, Colorado needs a #1 goaltender and Toronto needs an offensive defenseman with McCabe out 6-8 weeks, but I think there has to be a bit more to the trade.I doubt Colorado can (or would want to) carry three goaltenders, and with Theodore's huge contract and Toronto's limited cap space, I think Peter Budaj would have to go to Toronto as well. Similarly, Toronto would need to give up a defenseman and/or a forward to fill the voids left by Liles and Svatos in Colorado. Thus I think someone like Wozniewski would be heading to Colorado as well. I also think Toronto would have to give up a pick.To COL: Raycroft, Wozniewski, 3rd rounderTo TOR: Svatos, Liles, Budaj
December 17, 2007 10:14 AM ET | Delete
You got to be kidding man. Raycroft sucks. Toskala is doing just dandy with the "poor" Leaf defence. I'd trade for Montoya, but I'm confident with Budaj. He's a steady goaltender.
December 17, 2007 12:50 PM ET | Delete
I like Raycroft for Liles/Svatos, don't know how it looks from a Colorado point of view, but for Toronto, we get two great young players for a goalie that has had a tough time in Toronto.
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