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Avs - Same Team?

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Well, training camp is over and so is preseason. Cuts and roster moves have been made and really the only question remaining is: Isn't this the same team as last year?? Good question.

There has been a lot of hype (mostly negative) surrounding new, old head coach Tony Granto's decisions regarding his final roster moves. If you hadn't heard already TG sent TJ Hensick, Per Ledin, and Brian Willsie down to Lake Erie to begin the season, electing to keep the likes of Tyler Arnason, the Cody's (McLeod and McCormick) and Scott Parker. Really the only two changes made are the additions of Darcy Tucker and Andrew Raycroft.

Now before you decide to leave scathing remarks below (or on any other forums) consider a few things:

1. Yes, this team is almost the exact same team as last year. However, we have the benefit of a roster that is healthy (unlike in the Det series, not that it would've mattered).

2. The first team we face is Boston. Lucic, Wheeler, Chara, Thornton. Those guys play an extremely rough game. Lucic is a monster (sorry Pierre McGuire) and will crush anyone in his way.

3. After the Bruins, comes Edmonton, who recently received an enforcer in a trade with TBay (if i'm not mistaken). The Oil can now boast a goon-line of MacIntyre, Stortini, Strudwick. Yikes.

Remember the Minny series in the first round last year? Simon, Fedoruk, Boogaard and those other guys? Well, maybe coach Granato thought it best to be prepared for the rough stuff even if that means we'll score less goals. I don't know, I'm just asking for everyone to employ some calm, cool-headed clarity in our thoughts.

I'm sure we will get a chance to see TJ and Per at some point in the very near future, but for now we will have to make do with our rough-and-tumble guys - the ones that everyone seemed to love last year when they were banging and crashing along the boards. Who knows, maybe Scotty Parker will score our first goal of the season (or of his career)!!!

bring on the regular season and as always: go avs go!
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October 8, 2008 12:37 PM ET | Delete
It's going to be a wierd year in the Northwest.....
October 8, 2008 12:53 PM ET | Delete
First, I think alot of people miss the point that our defense should be better this year. Remember we didn't have Salei (who I thought plays well for us) and Foote is still useful. Leopold is finally healthy and Clark is back.Second, I think that many teams will have trouble matching up with our third line which could be something like Svatos, Arnasson and Wolski. I think the third line could really be the one that gets the much needed extra goal this year.
October 8, 2008 5:08 PM ET | Delete
Parker has seven goals already. Too bad its too late to put something on the election ballot about Arnason.
October 8, 2008 5:11 PM ET | Delete
Also, throwing McLeod on the third line might be good. eventually put him, Hensick and Jones together. It would be a lot like Deader, Forsberg, Lemieux line back in the day.
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