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Happy Feb...Avs lose

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The AVS begin February with a 2-0 loss to Detroit in Motown. What more can be said? A lot.

The first period was a tough one...Colorado gets 3 shots on net but played a good portion of the period in the box, including a 5-3 on which bombs were dropping from Lidstrom and Rafalski (among others). What really struck me in this period was our poor passing. Whether it was breaking out of the zone or in their end, our passes were not crisp and not tape-to-tape.

Had it not been for the Wings offense in the 2nd I probably would've fallen asleep. The Avs didn't come out at all in this period. Well, until they scored on their first shot...but wait it didn't count! Now, something needs to be said about the poor call made by Greg. Everyone knows Hasek=flop. Greg must not have seen the push from behind on Hannan. Now for those who suggest that Hasek was still hit, he was, just not hard enough to make him hit the ice like a bullet hit him in a head. Did anyone else see Hannan clinging to the crossbar or are we all blind and thought he was lying on top of Hasek?!? The commentators on FSN pulled a ridiculous line out: "There was enough contact so that Hasek couldn't actually make the save but wasn't enough contact to call a penalty." How contradictory is that?! To their credit, they both felt the Avs were robbed on that no-call. Granted, if you get only 4 shots thru 2 periods, you probably don't deserve to win, but that call would've changed the flow completely!

I'm glad the Avs showed signs of life in the third and it's too bad Boods got the loss b/c he was terrific tonight!

To the Wings credit, they completely dominated most of the game. Their PP was scary and the way they shut you donw is remarkable - not the old trap like before but a new way of collapsing on the puck carrier. Good job Wings, though I think the game might have been ours if we could've gotten that call reversed.

Well boys, time to suck it up, pack the bags and head off for tomorrow night's game against St. Louis (who are playing the Ducks as we speak)
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February 1, 2008 11:32 PM ET | Delete
Not to take anything from Budaj, but !!!!!!!! Can the guy not pitch a shut out? Or get a tie to overtime? How many goals has he given up in tied games or potential shut-outs in the last five minutes? I actually had that thought in my head as he cheated off the post and Zetterberg wrapped around. There's a reason teams go short-side against him time and again.
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