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Avs Clinch...a spot

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My wife and I were in our basement suite busily trying to decorate the place in pro-Avs colors when in walked one of my best friends (and another buddy)... Canuck fans. With Avs jerseys, scarfs, trinkets, mugs, a blanket and two Canuck fans, the stage was set for the pivotal push for the postseason.

I sometimes have a big mouth when it comes to the Avs. Usually, at least in the past, this ends up coming back to bite me in the butt. Last night it was my friends' turn to lose part of their cheeks as the Avs stayed alive in the race for NW Division lead.

I was really nervous for this game, even though Colorado had won 5 straight against the Nucks. I was especially nervous when the Canucks went up 2-0 on Ryan Kessler's hard work in front of the net.

However, my anxiety soon left and made way for gleeming joy as the Avs scored 3 goals in just over 5 minutes to take a 3-2 lead. I didn't think the game itself was that good as a whole. Sloppy plays, bouncing pucks and a severe lack of actual hitting (not the same as high gloves to the face) contributed to this.

Then came the third period. Again it wasn't terrific, but we got the job done. And who could've asked for a better start to the third than my all-time favorite player, Peter Forsberg, received a great pass from Bruno and went high-glove on Bobby Lou for his first of the season (no April Fools joke intended)!

With that win, Colorado stays in the hunt for the elusive NW Division title, though with only 1 game remaining (against Minnesota on Sunday), things are not looking too favorable for that. Even Calgary could win the thing! I gotta say, the West is a VERY tough Conference this year and even Detroit isn't looking like a lock for the Cup!

Best of luck to all the teams still fighting for their playoff lives and even more luck to the Avs who, if they can claim the number 3 seed, might have a better chance at surviving the wild wild West (no Min pun intended).

As always: Go Avs Go!
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From Pred Fan Thank you AVS!
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